McSweeney Moves to Protect Reputation from Blogojevich-Voiced Video

WCIA-TV is reporting that State Rep David McSweeney has taken court action to excise a video wishing him a happy retirement featuring former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

WICA reports, “John Bambenek, a Champaign Republican who ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Illinois state Senate in 2012, purchased the video and authored the script.”

The message linked McSweeney with Blagojevich and implied a relationship with the former Governor’s illegal activities.

A cease and desist letter, the station obtained, indicated that McSweeney thought House GOP Leader Jim Durkin was involved.

McSweeney has been harsh in his criticism of Durkin, especially with regard to keeping a negative Inspector General’s report of an unnamed colleague secret.

The story says the video

…needle[d] McSweeney for his close relationship with House Speaker Michael Madigan’s longtime confidante and clouted former lobbyist Mike McClain.

“If McSweeney wants to be chairman of the Mike McClain supper club, you’ll pardon me if I question his credentials as a reformer and conservative,” Bambenek said, dubbing McClain a ringleader in the “patronage class of the Democratic Party.”


McSweeney Moves to Protect Reputation from Blogojevich-Voiced Video — 5 Comments

  1. Your political career is toast, McSweeney.

    Blago was spot on.


    So you might as well enjoy yourself because you will NEVER win an election here.

    Don’t bother running in 2022.

    Only dumb people care that Blagojevich wished you a happy retirement.

    It’s the most benign thing I’ve ever heard and you wanted to censor that?

    We care that you palled around with a guy (McClain) who praises those who keep their mouth shut about rape, and that you are a total blowhard nitwit who cares more about getting headlines than being a good legislator.

    Well, here’s your headline, McSweeney.

    You’re using courts to scrub the internet of videos that make you look bad.

    Consequentially, you’ve made yourself look worse.

    You’ve exposed yourself for the control freak that you really are.

    Cameo sounds like the equivalent of Big Man Tyrone on YouTube and you wanted to pull that?

    Now it looks like you’re trying to hide something.

    Happy retirement, clown.

  2. How shameful that McSweeney wouldn’t move as quickly to protect
    his constituents as he did to protect his “reputation” from Blago.

    What a simp.

  3. Sounds like Jack Franks’ long-time ally, “Republican” Dave McSweeney, needs to read the Second Amendment and refresh himself on case law re: commentary, parody, and satire about public figures…

  4. Why the hate for McSweeney, he’s one of the few nonRINOs, any enemy of jerkin’ Durkin is a good guy!

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