Kelly Liebmann Stresses Importance for Checks and Balances Concerning Law Enforcement Provided by Elected Coroner’s Office

From McHenry County Coroner candidate Kelly Liebmann:

Now here is a check and balance system between the coroner, sheriff, and state’s attorney office

Do you “back the blue” without hesitation?

Kelly Liebmann

Or are you steadfast that law enforcement, along with elected officials and bureaucrats should be held accountable for their actions when they break the law?

Sept 25th the Northwest Herald reported, “[McHenry County State’s Attorney] Kenneally recommended that, when and if an advisory committee is created to help with the appointment process, representatives from his office and law enforcement should be included since they work closely with the coroner’s office.”

Three days later an opinion piece in the Northwest Herald exposed,

“Kenneally’s office, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office and the McHenry County Board then could work to make sure the correct forensic professionals are hired for each undetermined death.”

Do you understand the ramifications of those statements?

With an appointed coroner, the state’s attorney, sheriff, politicians, and bureaucrats could pick and choose someone who will determine a cause of death the way “they” want or need.

Do you believe this does or would happen in McHenry County?

Specifically selecting the person who will determine the cause of death and recruiting professional witnesses for a prosecution is not justice.

Northwest Herald disclosed on October 9th the State’s Attorney would not press charges against a sheriff’s officer in a Woodstock use-of-force investigation.

“After reviewing case materials and conferring with a use of force expert, prosecutors chose not to file charges against McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy.”

Who was the use of force expert the county used?

Were they chosen because they would give the “correct” determination for prosecution?

Fox Lake Police Department Lt. Gliniewicz implicated black and white men in his elaborately staged 2015 homicide.

A retired Chicago policeman was charged with disorderly conduct after publicly insisting that Gliniewicz shot himself intentionally.

It was elected Lake County Coroner Rudd who concluded Gliniewicz committed suicide.

Coroner Rudd was criticized for supposedly jeopardizing the investigation.

There is a check and balance system between the coroner, sheriff, and state’s attorney offices.

The three need to remain elected and independent to ensure due process throughout a death investigation and any subsequent arrests or criminal charges.

Vote NO to an appointed coroner.


Kelly Liebmann Stresses Importance for Checks and Balances Concerning Law Enforcement Provided by Elected Coroner’s Office — 14 Comments

  1. Doesn’t the Coroner potentially assume the Sheriff’s role?

    Did I miss that narrative?

    Both positions are currently elected.

    How would that work?

  2. Pretty much the way you suggest.

    The Coroner heads the Sheriff’s Department until the County Board appoints a replacement.

    That happened when Democrat Art Tyrell resigned.

  3. But can an unelected position stand in for an elected position is my question.

  4. She sounds like a cop hater.

    Read some of the other stuff on her page about systemic racism and her jumping to conclusions about shootings before the investigation is over.

  5. This demonstrates beyond all doubt why only
    Republicans should hold any and all elective offices at this time in our country.

  6. Loon Lady can’t stop her horrifying nocturnal and haunting calls.

    Stop it Kelly…. at least wait til Halloween,

  7. The cause of death determination made by coroner’s inquests have zero legal force beyond what is written on a death certificate.

    When is the last time you heard of an inquest?

    They operate without rules of evidence, conducted by people untrained in legal process, and without any review.

    The coroner’s office is an anachronism left over from old English law predating the medical profession. Some of their duties need to be performed, of course, but there is no reason they should be part of a separate elected bureaucracy.

    If you want to read a fun case, the appellate court decided one in which a sheriff and coroner downstate got into a tussle and tried to arrest one another at a crime scene.

    Here’s the coroner statute on inquests.

  8. You dumbass,

    I use my name on this blog.

    I’m not hiding behind fake identities like most of the goobers here, including you.

  9. Who would otherwise go to pick up and examine these deaths?

    ah doh! bozo?

    its like having a career criminal come and start to figure out HOW To embalm someone…

    geezus who ever thinks this is a good idea needs their head examined!

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