Kennedy Assassination

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Thinking of that today, I couldn’t remember any news story about that this year.

Guess that’s because most Americans are too young to remember it.


Kennedy Assassination — 15 Comments

  1. Education today is not what it once was.

    Too much time spent on gender studies and who gets to use which bathroom perhaps?

  2. Or perhaps a highly-contageous deadly virus, an Illinois unemployment rate of 20.7%, racial tensions and a psychopath in the White House who is acting like an infantile ego-maniac are more important right now than something that happened 57 years ago and which can’t be changed.

    But I could be wrong.

  3. Pretty sad.

    Agree that don’t recall much mention of it.

    I remember it well.

  4. JFK was perhaps thee last good, smart, decent Democrat presidential candidate, and President.

  5. If JFK and RFK had lived (or were never murdered) and EMK never cheated, imagine the following presidencies:

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    (1961-1965 & 1965-1969) ,

    Robert Francis Kennedy
    (1969-1973 & 1973-1977) &

    Edward Moore Kennedy
    (1977-1981 & 1981-1985) .

    Wouldn’t that have been wonderful? 😁🔔

  6. Eddie, Maybe it would have been wonderful if JFK wasn’t snuffed by the Deep State.

    He had big plans to eliminate the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate. Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) was activated to murder the Patsy.

    Trump promised to release the whole Kennedy file as El Presidente, maybe he still will. Or maybe somebody ‘dissuaded’ him with some pictures of what Barron would look like decapitated.\

  7. White Knight, thanks for that info, which isn’t always that well known?. 😐

  8. Trauma based mind control. Nothing is as it seems. The evil “things” that pulled off that psyop cannot afford for you to find out what really happend that day. None of what you heard was true.

  9. Cindy, you’re right. Why do so many families of 9/11 victims (over 70%) call the 9/11 official story a big fat lie?

    Why was the homosexual Jim Thompson co chairman of the 9/11 Cover up Commission?

  10. It wasn’t remembered because the Kennedy family asked that we remember his birthday.

    Anybody know it?

  11. Big Orange, you ARE wrong.

    Please stop sniffing PAM in a paper bag

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