WL Man Facing $10,000 Fine for Shooting Buck Out of Season

That is what WGN-TV is reporting.

The story includes that the deer has twelve points, but not the name of the Wonder Lake man.

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DNR directed me to its Facebook page, where I found the following informaiton:

On January 12th, CPO Todd Semenik concluded an investigation on a hunter from Wonder Lake.

The subject illegally harvested a 12-point buck whitetail deer approximately 42 minutes after legal shooting time and over bait on a large vacant tract of land in McHenry County.

The hunter was issued a $10,000 civil penalty per statue for the assessed value of the protected species and charged the following;

  • unlawful take of whitetail deer,
  • deer hunting by the aid of bait,
  • unlawfully hunting between ½ hour after sunset and ½ hour before sunrise,
  • hunting on lands without permission of owner,
  • unlawfully archery hunting within 100 yards of an inhabited dwelling(s),
  • destroy real property of another while hunting,
  • failure to tag deer immediately upon kill,
  • no valid deer permit (permit only valid on property where permission to hunt has been obtained), and
  • unlawful feeding/baiting of wildlife.

This is the fourth time this hunter had been cited for similar wildlife and trespassing violations by IDNR Conservation Police.

The most recent for hunting with the aid of bait on a different property in early December.

The hunter’s crossbow was seized as evidence and the Department will be seeking forfeiture.

A special thanks to Rodger Brandt, owner of Wayne’s Country Market in Marengo, for waiving all processing fees. The meat will be donated to a needy family in the area.


WL Man Facing $10,000 Fine for Shooting Buck Out of Season — 15 Comments

  1. Hear so little of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources policing in this area, surprised the McHenry County Conservation Police werent involved in this, unless given it was on private property maybe the IDNR takes it. Either way, they caught a real nutjob at this if its his 4th violation—give the sicko some County Jail time to think about it along with the fine.

    Thats quite a Thick rack on that old guy there. Glad the venison is being donated.

  2. The unnamed perp in this case should be publicly flogged.

    So why no naming of the perp?

  3. Geez tough room.

    Guess you folks would rather see deer starve to death this winter which is a lot more cruel a death.

    Do gooders rarely do good.

    Get off this guys back.

    If he lives in IL under Democrat Nazism maybe the guy needs to feed his family!

    God knows people are growing poorer and hungrier with no relief in sight for the last 10 months!!!

    Jail time?

    I suppose these same people commenting above would turn their unemployed hungry neighbors in for having a couple of hens within city limits too.


  4. Okay, so he was 42 minutes past the hunting season and official sunset and will get a 10k fine.

    The nut jobs are burning things and get escorted to the next building.

    The DNR must have been stalking him because I find it hard to believe that they just happened upon him on private property with a bow.

    We have too many Government jobs and if we have to defund anything, maybe we can start with the IDNR and or the Park Police.

    I can see if he was still hunting the next day, but not 42 minutes after the bell rings.

    That’s like having an extra fish in the boat, c’mon man.

  5. This smells like a set up.

    Especially since it was more like 6 minutes after the official sunset, but still pretty light out.

  6. I have nothing at against hunters who follow the rules, but i have a huge problem with poachers.

    My property is very well posted and I still have to chase away trespassing hunters several times every year.

    If this guy really did all the things that DNR alleges, I’m glad they’re throwing the book at him.

  7. Stormy he was trespassing, hunting over bait, with an invalid license (because of hunting past time and the trespassing) and it’s the 4th time he’s done it.

    There are some hunters, a small minority, that want those big bucks at any cost.

    He was antler hunting and cheating at it.

    He deserves everything he gets and I would hope he finds a better pastime.

    His name should be released

  8. Rules are the rules.

    This A-clown makes all the good hunters that abide by the rules look bad.

    He gives hunting a bad rap.

    Throw the book at him

  9. Hey Halvorsen – he was trespassing and baited the deer. He should have been shot for trespassing and do jail time for baiting the poor deer.

    And yes, I would rather see my neighbors starve than turn the neighborhood into a barrio. I doubt those would be the only two options on the table though. Looking for a job would be a step in the right direction, rather than going out and buying chickens.

  10. I grew up where hunting was a way to have food on the table.

    We didn’t pay attention to what “season” it was or what “permits” were required.

    It was EATING SEASON and a family was hungry.

    Granted, we hunted our own lands almost exclusively but there was no way anyone was going to let some government goon dictate when we could hunt ANYTHING.

    If he was trespassing to hunt, ok – give him a ticket for trespassing – but who was the owner of this large vacant tract of land?

    Was it private or county owned?

    But 42 minutes late?

    Failure to tag “immediately”?

    On and on and on… how much attitude do you think the guy had to deal with from this “officer”?

    Just maybe this “official” had a little too much time on his hands…

    You city slickers are the same ones that think we need “common sense gun reform”.

    Where I’m from, the average police response time is 28 minutes (so we defend ourselves) and a family doesn’t immediately take government cheese if they’re hungry (they take care of themselves and their neighbors).

    Some of you are used to too much government and it really shows.

    Maybe think about how ridiculous the charges are before you “throw the book” at someone.

    Maybe the guy needs to eat?

    Maybe even if he doesn’t, the laws are draconian to begin with.

    All those charges could’ve been summed up into about three and a $1000 fine rather than NINE and a $10,000 fine, IF the charges are even valid.

    Be careful what you wish for – it’s YOUR rights next.

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