Huntley School District 158 Board and Superintendent Want Moore Turf Care Out

There was no reporter at the May 17th Huntley School District 158 board meeting, so I got the disk and laboriously wrote down what David Moore said during the public comment period.

You ought to read it as a backdrop to the Wednesday Daily Herald story by Santosh Rao about how the board and Superintendent John Burkey are ready to dump Moore Turf Care from consideration for the snow removal contract.

In a letter Moore read from his lawyer (that I did not take the time to transcribe), a comment was made about people being out to get Moore Turf Care.

That would not surprise me, given the depth of emotions and the fact that Linda Moore came within 14 votes of being elected to the board instead of Jim Carlin, who is a vociferous opponent.

It will be ever so interesting to see who wins the snow removal bid.

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Top left is Huntley School District 158 School Superintendent John Burkey. Newly elected school board member Jim Carlin is on the right.

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