Winnebago County Board Might Go McHenry County Board One Better

The McHenry County Board joined 70-some other Illinois counties in passing a resolution opposed to more gun control legislation.

In doing so, it broke new ground in the Chicago metropolitan area. It’s probably explained by McHenry County’s being the most rural of the six Chicagoland counties.

Winnebago County Board member Randy Olson wants his Rockford-area county to do more.

He and former Democratic Party County Treasurer and now county board member Doug Aurand want their county board to pass a resolution that allow his county sheriff to issue permits to citizens which would allow them to protect themselves with guns.

“We’re basing this on the power of the sheriff,” Randy Olson told me.

Both Democrat and Republican believe Sheriff Dick Meyers already has the power to issue such permits.

Rockford Register-Star reporter Chris Green describes the proposed rules like this: before the sheriff issues a permit such as:

being at least 21 years of age, a resident of the county for at least six months, passing a criminal-background check, completing a firearm safety training course and not having a history of mental illness or violent behavior.

You can read the details Olson sent me here.

Winnebago County first deputy state’s attorney Gary Kovanda told the reporter that such protection was limited to sworn law enforcement officers, “private security guards, state’s attorney investigators and things like that.”

Others, the article states, can be charged with unlawful use of weapons if they are found to be carrying or possessing” a weapon on or about his person on a public street, alley, or other public lands within the corporate limits of a city, village or incorporated town.”

Sheriff Dick Meyers doesn’t seem to be too delighted with the possibility either.


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  1. 48 states infringe the 2nd Amendment less than Illinois and Wisconsin, the only two states that do not issue some sort of concealed carry permits.

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