Ancel Glink Bills Grafton Township $36,432 for March

The Township Trustees’ law firm, Ancel Glink, has sent a bill for over $36,000 for the month of March.

Ancel Glink Partners Keri-Lyn Krafthefer and Rob Bush before the April 13, 2010, Grafton Township Annual Town Meeting.

That doesn’t count the time spent preparing all the resolutions that weren’t voted upon at the Annual Town Meeting and the giving of additional advice in April or the price of having two Ancel Glink partners—Keri-Lyn Krafthefer and Rob Bush—at the meeting.

The bill’s format makes it easy to write a story. It’s divided by purpose:

  • Corporate (including, I would guess getting newly-hired Township Administrator Pam Fender squared away – $8,678
  • Linda Moore v. Grafton Township (the separation of powers suit by the Township Supervisor against the Township Trustees resulting from the Trustees’ attempt to strip Moore of her non-statutory duties) – $18,501
  • Daniel G. Ziller, Jr., et al v. Gerry McMahon, et al (the suit that stopped the Trustees and former Township Supervisor John Rossi’s plan to build a new township hall, costing $5 million when interest is included, without asking permission of the voters) – $926
  • Annual Town Meeting the meeting was held April 13th) – $8,328

I read this and conclude that the real purpose of Grafton Township government must be to provide lawyers with money.

As the Bible in Luke 12:34 (King James version) says,

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, it follows a verse (New American Standard) that states in part,

“Sell your possessions and give to charity…”

Providing welfare actually is a function of township government.

Grafton Township budgeted $79,671 for General and Emergency Assistance in this year.

$51,963 was spent.

$18,056 went to assist down-on-their-luck township residents.

$33,900 went for the employee which dispenses it.


Ancel Glink Bills Grafton Township $36,432 for March — 15 Comments

  1. I thought Linda Moore got paid more then $33,900….

  2. You gotta take some solice in the fact that Moore’s legal bills gotta be pretty high too. Again coyne station brought suit over a building that was budgeted for. The super refused to do her job fought with her coworkers over a stapler locked people out of the office, chased away the food pantry refuse to tell people in need where it had gone, infringed on the web site copy right, messed with employee bank accounts all which forced the trustees to take action.

  3. Aw, Waka Waka, you wouldn’t want to leave out any important info about the original building project, what it would actually cost including interest and misc. over 20 years, etc. now would you?

    And the rest of what you typed, you wouldn’t want to leave out any pertinent info that doesn’t quite jibe with your typed interpretation either now would you?

  4. The $33,900 is what Moore’s assistant got paid. She was the one who also assisted former Township Supervisor Millie Ruth. The assistant’s salary was what Trustee Betty Zirk used as a justification to raise Township Administrator Pam Fender’s salary from $35,000 to $40,000.

  5. Cal, Huntley Fire is planning a new station on the east side why don’t report on that I’m sure it will ruin alot of peoples day.

  6. A BIG thanks to Linda Moore and the Coyne Station Road Gang who are responsible for running up these fees. Bravo, a job well done! Also thanks to Linda for the “live feed” to Skinner.

  7. Grafton twp may have two Ancel Glink partners—Keri-Lyn Krafthefer and Rob Bush—at the meeting, but Island Lake has another two partners, Scott Puma and Julie Tappendorf milking our community. But Mayor Debbie Herrmann is the only one that can call. Recently she spent over $10,000 with Ancel Glink having Police Chief Scironne investigated so she could get rid of him.
    Scott Puma of Ancel Glink went to Round Lake Beach and took their money to write up an ordinance for Round lake outside their jurisdiction to include a no wake rule in Wooster Lake. Enter Bonnie Thompson CArter, lake county board rep who lived on wooster lake. It didn’t work for Puma, Carter or Round Lake Beach as it was proven that years prior, Ancel Glink had a case that was thrown out the the Illinois court system that a municipality can not ordinance outside its boundries.

  8. I doubt Moore has any say in how much the trustees’ attorney is spending to try to save face after the annual meeting tidal wave. At the last two meetings public comment has pointed to an employee and the trustees as the ones running up the bill by contacting Ancel-Glink. She also has fired Ancel-Glink, but they refuse to be fired. Even when the budget was spent for legal fees and no more money was left, Ancel-Glink refused to be fired. I have heard Ancel-Glink is known for fee building.

  9. Of course Moore wants Ancel-Glick fired they wrote the case againts her. The trustee’s don’t need to save face they are in the right. More like a tidal wave of lie’s and miss infomation by the yellow shirts but that over now back to the board running the show. You got your one meeting of nonsense hope you enjoyed it.

  10. Ancel Glick is THE township’s attorney. Linda Moore HIRED them. He said . . . she said. I blame it on Moore. She brought all of this with her. No moore and problem solved. Moore’s “let’s move all the phone lines to my house” stunt will cost over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Maybe Linda Moore works for Ancel Glick as she keeps ramping up the legal fees.

  11. Now Calvin Jr is running up the legal bill with his complaint letter to the D.A. He’s bitter he has to take photo’s from the back of the room and from back there he can’t be disruptive.

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