Lakewood Trustee Shares Thoughts on Village Board Meeting – Part 3

Ken Santowski

Lakewood Village Trustees provides a public service to constituents who don’t attend village board meetings by jotting down his thoughts of what happened. Friday he covered the tax levy and dam in Turnberry, which is funded by a Special Service Area Assessment.

Saturday, the topic was the SportsPlex and the stimulus bonds to finance it.

Today, he discusses the village’s golf course and fire department.

Red Tail Golf Club

Incidentally, during the previous board meeting of October 26th the Retail Committee presented an option to replace the trailers with a permanent clubhouse.

I was impressed that the committee came back with a feasible, workable option. Based on the preliminary figures the new clubhouse would cost about $2.5M to build and the loan would be paid off using a lease back option and user fees.

The style and design have not been discussed in detail but the vision portrayed by the committee shows a simple yet productive use of space and materials to achieve the highest rate of return. More specific details will follow in the next coming months, especially since the last bond payment will be made in October 2011.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the Fire Department, Sportscomplex and budgets.

Fire Department

As you read in the newspaper, the Lakewood Fire department could possibly be run by a different entity by the end of this year. Negotiations are still under way and we as a board have not yet voted on any change. Gary Jensen and AES have a valid contract through December 31st, 2011.

I, as a member of the board will be asked to make some tough decisions concerning every aspect of the village’s expenditures for 2011. We shall leave no area alone.

We will have to review every aspect, including public works, the police department and village staff.

Many decisions, some very unpopular, will have to be made during the budget process.

I invite you to attend these meetings. You have entrusted me to spend your money wisely and represent you at these meetings and I thank-you.

Kenneth M Santowski

As always you have been sent this email as a courtesy from me to you. You may share this with anyone you wish. You have the right to agree and disagree with me. If you disagree with my vote or my ideas, please contact me. After all I am YOUR public servant. I never give out your email address for any reason. If you no longer wish to receive correspondences from me simply ask and I shall remove your name immediately.Lakewood Trustee Shares Thoughts on Village Board Meeting.


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  1. Regarding the proposed clubhouse “The style and design have not been discussed in detail”

    I sure hope that they don’t select the fools who designed the one for Renwood Golf Course in Round Lake Beach at 701 E. Shorewood. That is about the ugliest clubhouse I have ever seen next to the bland looking Lakes Community High School in SE Antioch.

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