I don’t know how an Illinois State Representative gets listed on Congress.org, but Democrat Jack Franks managed it.

It says he is a 7th term Democrat.

Well, that’s right, but not in Congress.

Here’s what brought the web site to my attention:

"Congressman" Jack Franks


Dreamin’ — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, it’s called the Illinois Assembly not Congress.

    Stop phoning your legal clients while “at work” in Springfield and take time to pay attention!

  2. Sen. Althoff and Rep. Tryon managed to get listed on Congress.org too. All are listed as State legislators. All are shown for this same letter.

    From the congress.org website:
    About Congress.org

    Congress.org is a nonpartisan news and information Web site devoted to encouraging civic participation. Our mission is to provide information about public policy issues of the day and tips on effective advocacy so that citizens can make their voices heard. The heart of Congress.org is an award-winning software program that makes it easy for citizens to write their elected officials. Our software assures that your letter will be delivered directly to the decision-makers whose opinions you hope to influence.

    Congress.org is a project of the CQ-Roll Call Group, the largest news organization on Capitol Hill. Congress.org is powered by CQ-Roll Call affiliates Capitol Advantage and Knowlegis — private, nonpartisan companies that specialize in facilitating civic involvement.

  3. Cal…take off the bias blinders. ALL the local reps are listed. Sen Althoff and Rep. Tryon are both there but did they get a eyes closed blink from you?

  4. I don’t know how an Illinois State Representative gets listed on Congress.org, but Repub Mike Tryon and Repub Pam Althoff managed it…

    So disgusting how these lawmakers are LISTED ON A WEBSITE. Omigod, they might be listed in the phone book too!! Call the cops.

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