Frog Die-Off Traced to Fungus, Not Climate Change, Global Warming

From the Chicago Tribune, Tuesday, May 10, 2011: climate change not the reason for frog deaths.

Remember all the hype about Global Warming being the reason for frog and other amphibian deaths?

Man made climate change was the cause.

It turns out that man’s actions may have caused the die-off, but it seems to be because man brought a species of African frog with a skin disease to the New World.

Tribune reporter Aminda Kahn has found an article by San Francisco State University researcher Tina Cheng published last week in the online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that debunks that popular theory.

But the headline on the page 16 story doesn’t mention Global Warming.

Or climate change.

The headline is

Old frogs, toads help
trace a killer fungus

Here’s the news in the story:

“The findings…strongly link the amphibians’ disappearance to the fungus and suggest that the disease was an alien invader rather than a native disease let loose by climate change.”

One theory is that is came in with “the African claw-toed frog, a carrier of the disease that was once imported from Africa for use in pregnancy tests.”

There is still frog work to be done.

The McHenry County Conservation District seeks volunteers to monitor frogs on its land.

You can read about that opportunity below:

You can help monitor frogs in McHenry County on the Conservation District's over 24,000 acres. Click to enlarge any image.


Frog Die-Off Traced to Fungus, Not Climate Change, Global Warming — 2 Comments

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