Franks Continues Imitation of a Republican in Fund Raising Efforts

Continuing his imitation of a Republican, Democrat Jack Franks held his fall fund raiser Saturday using the image of GOP President Teddy Roosevelt on his invitation.

Not Democrat FDR, but Republican TR.

Franks has perfected the technique of sounding like a Republican while

Franks talks a good game on taxes, having voted against the Democrats 67% income tax hike, and, just this last year, became a convert to concealed carry after a career of squeamishness om the issue.  In the veto session, he will tilt against the state’s non-Home Rule tax districts in an effort he says will keep property taxes from rising when assessed valuations are decreasing.

But he did not have the guts enough to buck the teachers’ unions in a bill that would have saved $240 million a year.

That was the Rev. and State Senator James Meek’s bill to provide a choice of schools to the parents of kids in the worst Chicago schools.  (Imagine a way that might improve poor kids’ education that everyone in McHenry County has known for longer than Franks has been alive was vastly inferior to what our own schools provide and a proposal that actually saved money.  Franks did not have the courage to vote for it and against the teacher union bosses!)

As we will see in the days to come, Franks is not only a favorite of union leaders, but has co-opted a number of Republicans, including McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren (originally applying as a Democrat to replace retiring Sheriff Art Tyrrell).

The co-option effort was so strong that former McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Bill LeFew has even attended a fund raiser and was induced to give a speech praising Franks.

Needless to say, there was no GOP opponent to Franks that year.

And, when State Rep. Mike Tryon replaced LeFew, the first year there was no opponent for Franks.

McHenry Grade School member John O’Neill was brave enough to take Franks on in 2010.

Republican Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, who wants to succeed Franks as State Rep., if Franks runs for something else or is appointed Federal Judge, is on Franks’ host committee.

I’m one of those people who thinks every incumbent should have an opponent every year they run.  It makes them less likely to do dumb things if they are even a little bit nervous.

And, this year in Illinois Democrats ought to be nervous.

Illinois Democrats have hiked our income taxes 67%.

They would not have been able to do so if Mike Madigan had not be Speaker of the Illinois House.

Franks, of course, has voted for Mike Madigan for Speaker six times.  And, he won’t tell the press why.

Of particular interest to the tens of thousands of households with routes to work that include the tollway is the 88% increase toll taxes that will be forced on toll taxpayers on January 1st.  Dems could take the heat for that.

The contributions from lawyers, labor and lobbyists may exceed $1 million now.

But, as the two message billboard that so enraged him last fall said,

Jack Represents Jack Franks


Franks Represents

  • Lawyers,
  • Labor and
  • Lobbyists

Tomorrow McHenry County Blog will show you those who achieved the “Bull Moose” designation at Franks’ fund raiser.

The mid-September mast head of State Rep. Jack Franks' campaign web site shows President Barack Obama and ex-Congresswoman Melissa Bean

If Franks had used the President on his web site, would those have been characterized as “Centers.”

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