Grafton Township Offers Cheaper Food Opportunity

Say what you will about Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore, but she has come up with an idea that will help people save money on food.

She has arranged for the Grafton Township Hall to be a pick-up site for a program called SHARE Food Buying Co-op.

Here’s a press release from Moore explaining the program:

Supervisor Linda Moore is pleased to announce that the Grafton Township Town Hall, 10109 Vine Street, Huntley is now a pick-up site for SHARE food.

SHARE is a non-profit food buying club that offers good, nutritious products at a reduced cost through a volunteer-run, community based distribution system.  anyone can be a member of SHARE.  there are no membership fees or eligibility requirements.

Please see the attached flyer for information about SHARE, a food buying cooperative.

Detailed flyers are available at the township or online.

Orders can be placed at or by calling 1-800-548-2124, or call the township office 847-669-3328.

You can also place an order by dropping off your check or cash with your order form at the township office no later than February 7, 2012.

The food will be available for pick-up on February 25th at 10 am at the Grafton Township Office.

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Grafton Township Offers Cheaper Food Opportunity — 1 Comment

  1. When did Moore hire you as her PR person? Where are your public calls for accountability and transparency when it comes to three years of Grafton fiscal audits that have yet to be completed and available to the public since Moore took?

    You take others to task, but Moore has gotten a free pass from you for three years.


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