Cliff Surges Questions Karen McConnaughay’s $64,000 in Union Contributions

A press release from State Senate candidate Cliff Surges criticizing his questioning his opponent Karen McConnaughay’s contributions from unions.

Surges calls on McConnaughay to explain Union Contributions

Gilberts, IL – On last Monday evening at a candidate forum at Del Webb’s Sun City in Huntley, Karen McConnaughay called herself a “union fighter” that has “stood up to unions” as Chairman of the Kane County Board. However, once again, a search of her campaign financial disclosure forms shows she has taken $64,367.00 (see attachment) from unions as campaign contributions since 2003. The source for this information is the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

In her own literature, and in the “United to Restore Freedom” candidate questionnaire, which can be found on the Illinois Review Blog, McConnaughay states she is opposed to PLA’s (Project Labor Agreements), opposes the Prevailing Wage Act, and supports right-to-work in Illinois.

Someone who is truly supporting these positions cannot justify taking such a large sum of money from labor unions.

“This contradiction of words and actions, especially concerning campaign contributions, is a repeating pattern in her history and indicative of how Ms. McConnaughay has eroded the public’s trust.” Cliff Surges stated.

“How can we trust a career politician who tells the voters what they want to hear by taking positions on public issues like these, while taking massive amounts of campaign cash from the very organizations that oppose those positions?

“Who will Ms. McConnaughay really represent if elected in Springfield, the voters or the Unions which have funded her campaigns?”

The contributions found by the Surges’ campaign follow:

These are from the Laborer's District Council gave $6,860.

The Illinois Brotherhood of Electrical Workers donated $700, the Labroer's Union Locals $2,250 and the Steel Metal Workers gave $250.

The Operating Engineers Local 150 made the above $44.808 in contributions.

The Plumbers and Pipefitters gave $6,000. All union donations totaled $64,368.


Cliff Surges Questions Karen McConnaughay’s $64,000 in Union Contributions — 6 Comments

  1. She claims she is NOT PRO UNION!!!

    Talking out of both sides???

    We do not need any more of that.

  2. In this case it appears that “money speaks louder than words.”

  3. There is a difference between private unions and public sector unions.

    These are all from trade unions.

    Public sector unions are the ones Karen fights aren’t they?

    This is your typical smoke and mirrors hit job.

    Really, you guys can’t see that?

  4. The Teamsters represent the Kane County Highway Department employees.

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