8 Days Until GOP Cedes “Chainsaw Jack” Franks an Eighth Term

Keely is deeply involved in encouraging Tonya Franklin to challenge "Chainsaw Jack" Franks for State Representative. Keely is especially supportive when he is scratched under his chin. Today, however, he's taking a longer nap than usual. "Hakuna matata." "Hey, Keely. What's this taking the attitude of the GOP Establishment? There are elections to be won.

If nothing happens between now and next Monday at 5 PM, Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks will join

  • Mike Tryon
  • Barb Wheeler
  • Pam Althoff
  • Karen McConnaughay

in having no opponent in the fall election.

Now, I can understand with the paucity of Democrats serving as elected officials–at least partisan officials–how the Democrats might have trouble recruiting candidates to run for the Illinois General Assembly.

But in the case of Franks, we have Ton ya Franklin, a woman chomping at the bit to take him on.

She’s a newcomer to McHenry County.

But even I, who have lived here since 1958, can relate to being a newcomer.

Four years ago, she went to swing state Florida to work for John McCain and Sarah Palin for thirty days at her own expense.

Think of anyone else who worked that hard to elect the Republican team?

Saturday her allies have called a Special Meeting of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee at d’Andrea’s in Crystal Lake (southeast corner of Routes 14 & 31) at 9 AM.

Franklin will be there at 8 AM for those who want some upfront and personal time.

The goal of the meeting is to select two “representative committeemen” for the 63rd District.

Tonya Franklin

This was supposed to have been done at the convention, but apparently was overlooked.

These two representative committee, plus County Chairman Mike Tryon have the right to nominate a Republican to oppose Franks.

If nominated, Franklin will then have a day and half to gather 500 good petition signatures, which have to be delivered to the Springfield office of the State Board of Elections by close of business Monday afternoon.

You’d think GOP leaders would welcome the challenge, even encourage it, but they haven’t.

“Wait ’til next time.”

Same line I got when, at age 23 in 1966, I knocked on GOP Precinct Committeemen’s doors when I was running for McHenry County Treasurer.

“They’ll eat you alive at the Courthouse,” was another discouragement I heard.

In any event, you would think the Leaders would nominate her, knowing the near impossible task of collecting enough signatures to withstand the inevitable challenge from millionaire lawyer Jack Franks.

If she failed, they would be blameless.

But, it’s as if they want the credit for making sure Jack Franks has no opponent for the third in four election cycles.

Got figure.

I continue to think politics is about addition, not subtraction, but the Leadership is doing its best to alienate the growing and active Tea Party element of today’s Republican Party.


8 Days Until GOP Cedes “Chainsaw Jack” Franks an Eighth Term — 25 Comments

  1. Could it be that Republicans and Democrats have cut a deal???

    Didn’t Jack Franks attempt to negotiate such an arrangement with Bill LeFew when he was Republican County Chairman?

    Didn’t I read that in the Northwest Herald?

    Of course, LeFew denied it.

    Neither Jack Franks nor Mike Tryon ended up with an opponent.

  2. Read it for yourselves, citizens of McHenry County…Meet Tonya Franklin.

    “~I’m the Terrorist, Enemy, Barbarian, SOB, Hobbit (?), Right Wing Extremist, Christian Conservative, Oathkeeper, Birther, Gun slinging, Bible toting, TEA Partying, Patriot Mom that Obama warned you about…Want to be friends? Let’s network to save this Country and our Constitution! “WE THE PEOPLE….NO LONGER SHEEPLE!”


  3. Remove Karen McConnaughay from the list of unopposed candidates in the fall.

    Doug Marks, a trustee in the village of Carpentersville, has previously announced he will run for state senate in the 33rd district as a Libertarian if he turns in his paperwork accurately. His website is: http://dougmarks2012.webs.com/

    Marks claims to be a member of the Tea party, so if Tonya Franklin does not get on the ballot as the Republican nominee for the fall, guess her followers can go and help Marks try to beat McConnaughay as a protest.

    The result in that race will be the same as what would happen with Franklin on the ballot against Franks.

  4. WOW Demos TERRORIST are commenting on your Blog Cal….

    He’s lives in a shack on River Road, unincorporated Algonquin Township….

    This GUY didn’t get Obama’s stimulus package yet….

    Or he may be still collecting illegal unemployment….

    Maybe both….

  5. Nick Chikros writes on his own site,

    “Domination by one political party has been the accepted norm. I believe that this is an unhealthy state for our County…”

    McHenry County has a very strong financial environment, one of a very few counties in Illinois with a AAA bond rating with a majority of Republicans on the County Board.

    Contrast that to the State of Illinois, with a majority of Democrats in the 2 Legislative Houses, going d-o-w-n the tubes.

  6. Hey Nick, Mrs. Franklin was using terms spawned by the main stream media and Obama’s attack campaign in a snarky response.

    Tonya is a great gal with a sense of humor!

    When a person is recruited for a position because Conservative women had enough of open positions and after Rep Tryon asked for candidates, please do not expect someone who has spent years, or months polishing.

    What we need in Illinois is not more grease and polish; ya know Frank’s slick.

    We need someone who will tell it like it is and who will fight for our vote.

    It is a crime the way Illinois is really one party and just how arrogant that party has become.

    It is about Choicies. Polish or a fresh slate?

    Don’t the voters in the 63ed deserve a choice?

  7. I really wonder how many committed supporters Tonya Franklin really has.

    You know, if she/they really wanted to prove a point with Chairman Tryon on running for state representative, delivering a message to Tryon him and his Leadership Team will really understand would be the most powerful thing she could do.

    The only way I could see her proving her point would be through financial contributions (note, not “pleadges”, but real dollars freely given to Franklin) by her supporters.

    If she could show Chairman Tryon she successfully raised over $200,000 in one week and prove to the party leaders she and her supporters are serious about unseating Jack Franks, you may see some real cooperation from Chairman Tryon.

    I really wonder if this is something Tonya Franklin’s supporters can pull off. She’d really prove a point if she could.

  8. Excuse me John…..

    Don’t understand your comment above about Tonya.

    With all due respect sounds like are you are basically saying supporters should bribe Tryon and his minions in the Republican Party?

    May I ask if you would be on the “TAKE” as well.

  9. Yes they do, Voters, and the more informed, the better.

    That is why I posted Franklin’s Facebook link and introduction, so people who read Cal’s Blog, like myself, but find nothing about WHO she is, just why she should be vetted, can understand more fully what they are voting for.

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t see humor and greatness in her self-description.

    I see ideology, and ideologues make lousy politicians in my view.

    Phil- you’re correct when you identify the Party In Power as the main culprit in political inertia, the same words I use when canvassing my potential constituents.

    The Illinois Legislature could use a shot of Loyal Opposition the same as McHenry County, but my campaign is the County Board…different PIP, same problem. The operative word there, is Loyal.

    Will a REAL Republican please stand up and give voters something to think about this fall instead of the tea party, shut down the government, Obama is the antichrist nonsense that most reasonable people are currently anguishing over?

    I believe there are reasonable people who vote Republican, who can see ways to compromise with their counterparts for the good of the County, State or our country, just as there are Democrats who must act the same way. The precipice we currently stand on is far more disconcerting than mere politics, and the ideology of neither party will suffice to address the massive issues our nation faces.

  10. Nick Chikiros – I applaud you for using your real name…

    Nick said – ideologues make lousy politicians in my view

    I agree, however ideologues make GREAT revolutionarires and that’s just what we need in the once Great State of Illinois, more revolutionaries ready and willing to take on the establishment and fix the problems which we are facing.

    Also, as for the “ideologues make lousy politicians in my view” – the last thing we need are more POLITICIANS 🙂

    Politicians are what caused our problems, we need PUBLIC SERVANTS, STATESMEN (and women), we need people who will answer the call and work to fix the problems.

    These issues are really not all that complicated, they just take people with the guts to do the hark work.

  11. …and I hope you all have a great Memeorial Day – please find time to remember the men and women of our military who have lost their lives defending our freedom to disagree politically and to fight for what we believe in.

  12. URGENT:

    Nick Chirokis’ property is on corner of Haegers Band & River Road, that borders the town of Algonquin.

    During the past elections, he displayed Obama and Melissa Bean signs.

    Now he recants his support of Obama & the Democratic party.

    How can this Obama lover be exposed.

  13. Thank you, John.

    Just to be correct, the spelling of my last name (arguably confusing) is C H I R I K O S.

    On to my favorite subject, Revolution, as in the birth of our great nation.

    The difference between then and now, if one studies the discourse of Jefferson, Adams and Franklin, among others, is one of intellect.

    As to the difference between the words ‘politician’ and public servant’, I see your point, but for the issue of competence.

    Today’s legislators need a certain level of that or they are ineffective out of the gate.

    In some respects, the only way they can gain that experience is through time on the job.

    This only comes with tutelage and devotion to the duty of the people’s business.

    A truly seasoned politician, be they ones who gave us our great system of interstate highways or the financial security for our infirm years, are much like the ribs I am pondering for the grill today.

    The seasoning must not be too heavy nor too light, and the cooking must be done slowly and at a moderate temperature. This makes a tasty meal out of raw meat, and Public Servants from politicians.

    Hope we can continue this dialogue, and now I must attend to my grill, and our flag, which honors our fathers, those who gave their tomorrows, so we may enjoy our todays.

    Happy Memorial Day to all.

  14. Doug Marks had not filed to run against Karen McConnaughay.

    I tried to tell “John Smith,” but my email to the address he uses to post came back

    “This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    “Delivery to the following recipients failed.”

  15. Nick (arguably confusing) is C H I R I K O S:

    This Democrat (arguably confusing) is C H I R I K O S thinks as Obama does , we Republicans are “STUPID” and uninformed.

    Mr. (arguably confusing) is C H I R I K O S using deceiving tactics to win over the naive.

    Well, Nick (arguably confusing) is C H I R I K O S do not fool us Patriots.

    May God Bless America….

  16. John O.

    I wish the party would have gotten solidly behind you.

    Another ball they dropped.

    Now we have another chance.

    A lot of these “seasoned, experienced” people have done a crummy job.

  17. When will all those who comment have the courage to post below their own first and last names?

  18. @Gus

    Immediately after Cal summons the courage the divulge his full role in this nonsense.

  19. I have met with Tonya about seven hours after I learned about her willingness to run for State Rep.

    I made some phone calls and sent some emails to Precinct Committeemen to ask for a the Special Meeting that will be held this Saturday at 9 Am at d’Andrea’s.

    Can’t wait to find out who is willing to tell all of us who thinks providing an opponent to Jack Franks is nonsense.

    I, for one, think every candidate should have an opponent every election.

    Nice when you don’t for the candidate, but not healthy for the constituency.

  20. Thanks Cal. Faceplant time, Salsify.

    Having said, if the Democrats slate someone against Tryon, I am voiting Democrat.

    What would the difference be?

  21. Faceplant? You mean, high five.

    I appreciate someone finally getting these salient details out in the open, albeit in a comment, as opposed to the dozens of blog posts that made no mention of it.

    Providing an opponent?

    I believe there was this little thing in March called a primary election.

    If you’re a serious candidate, I think you would have run in it.

    An appointment isn’t an election.

    If she won and ran legitimately, no one would be questioning the merits of this last-minute scrambling.

    But she didn’t.

  22. yes the time is short and the workers are few but if it is really important, maybe some
    folks with vacation time and or retired people will walk precincts to get the signatures.

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