Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen Endorses Jim Kearns for Grafton Township Supervisor

Jeff Thorsen

Jeff Thorsen

Jeff Thorsen is a long-time Crystal Lake City Councilman known for not kowtowing to the “party line” at meetings.

He also is not endorsing Pam Fender, the Republican candidate for Grafton Township Supervisor.

Thorsen, a Grafton Township resident is supporting James Kearns.

He send me an email with his reasoning. It is below:

“I just want to offer you my perspective…and why I have it.

“There was a spreadsheet passed around 4 years ago illustrating the the financing mechanism for the repayment on the proposed and at that time approved Township facility debt.

“Combined with the income available to service the debt illustrated on the document, and compared to the financial results (AUDITED) from years past, the result was fairly anticipated… indicated that all things being equal, the Township would have been in need of alternative funding to finance the new facility [township hall]…

“I was the one originating that document and to this day I have not heard the premise nor the conclusion of that illustration challenged…..So I throw it out again.

“My estimate for the need for an alternative funding source i. e. tax anticipation warrants…came out in the fifth or sixth year…on that document, as I recall.

“The Tax anticipation warrant funding mechanism, would have lasted as a resource (mathematically) for a period longer than what would be acceptable to the holder of the warrant i. e. the bank.

“However, it would have stopped by law in (I think it was) the 8th or 9th year; thus requiring a NEW levy on the township taxpayers….

“That said, I supported the candidate that promised a termination of the project.

“I am not ashamed of that. (Trouble is we are 4 years down a different road and we are close to the need for tax anticipation warrants now…and no bank seems to want to offer that funding mechanism to our township.)

“Fast forward.

Jim Kearns

Jim Kearns

“It soon became clear a personal township cat box conflict accelerated into something more than I can conceive of even in comparison to the outrageous actions the state and federal government representatives can sometimes be capable of.”About two years ago I had a conversation with Jim Kearns…We had just met but I knew of him for many years and I know to this day as I did then that Jim is a man of his word and his hand shake.

“I know that by his reputation and because I do business with him.

“Anyway, when we talked about Grafton Township, he indicated then that he was so dissatisfied with the activities on the board…en masse..that he was considering a run for Supervisor.

“I immediately offered my support.

“I am proud of that.

“I know that Jim is the most qualified candidate for the Supervisor position.

“He is a fiscal conservative and he hates paying lawyers.

“Most importantly, he wants to serve his neighbors, as a neighbor should, with respect and faith.

“He, unlike his opponent, was not a part of and an escalating insider to the disaster that unfolded. Please consider Jim when you print about Grafton Township.

“Tell your neighbors to VOTE FOR JIM!


Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen Endorses Jim Kearns for Grafton Township Supervisor — 2 Comments

  1. That was the document…the spreadsheet is mine…Thanks taxpayer

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