Bruce Rauner Gathers Voter Data by Phone

Rauner, Bruce Exploratory Committee

Last night I received a phone call from a company on potential GOP candidate Bruce Rauner’s behalf.
No identification on the front end.

The first question asked whether and how often one voted in primary elections.

The next was one about which party one voted in.

Then there was a seemingly duplicative question about party affiliation.

Ranking on a scale of liberal to very conservative was sought next.

Favorability on Bruce Rauner on a scale of one to five followed.

Then the names of the following were trotted out:

  • Bruce Rauner
  • Bill Brady
  • Dan Rutherford
  • Kirk Dillard
  • Undecided

Age by decade, except for people as old as I (over 65) was next on the agenda.

Finally, gender was solicited.


Bruce Rauner Gathers Voter Data by Phone — 4 Comments

  1. Now that Joe lives in McHenry, he should primary Pam Althoff.

  2. I don’t think Joe could pull enough Independents.

    My money’s on Rauner.

  3. Based on Althoff’s voting record she should run as a “D”. Joe would make a great Illinois Senator.

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