Northeastern Illinois Sheriffs, Except Lake County’s, Endorse Zinke

A press release from Andy Zinke:

Andrew Zinke Files Nominating Petitions for GOP Primary with Sheriff Endorsements from Surrounding Counties

WOODSTOCK, IL – Undersheriff Andrew Zinke, Republican candidate for McHenry
County Sheriff, formally filed petitions for the March 18 primary. Zinke filed with over two
and a half times the necessary amount of petition signatures, demonstrating the support
of community leaders throughout McHenry County, including retiring Sheriff Keith

“Andy represents a new era in law enforcement, a change from our past, and a new
beginning for the technological changes in law enforcement for McHenry County,”
Nygren said.

“He is the type of professional and educated leader we need to continue
moving forward.”

Zinke’s campaign also announced a long list of Northern Illinois Sheriffs who are
endorsing him.


  • Sheriff Duane Wirth, Boone County
  • Sheriff Roger Scott, DeKalb County
  • Sheriff John Zaruba, DuPage County (former president – National Sheriff’s Association)
  • Sheriff Patrick Perez, Kane County
  • Sheriff Keith Nygren, McHenry County
  • Sheriff Richard Meyers, Winnebago County
The DuPage County Sheriff has been sued by seven deputies for alleged retaliation against union activity and refusal to donate to his campaign fund.

The DuPage County Sheriff has been sued by seven deputies for alleged retaliation against union activity and refusal to donate to his campaign fund.

“I am proud of these endorsements and will continue to work diligently with Sheriff Nygren as his second-in-command,” Zinke stated.

“I look forward to continue my work with our neighboring Sheriff’s as their peer to further our work together fighting against the heroin crisis as well as other crime issues that threaten our communities.”

Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren shake hands.

Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren shake hands.

Andrew Zinke has served the citizens of McHenry County as a law enforcement officer for 25 years and has been with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) for 23 of those years.

Zinke has served as a patrol deputy, crash investigator, SWAT member, K9 handler, crisis-hostage negotiator, detective, detective sergeant, patrol lieutenant, detective lieutenant, and is currently serving as Undersheriff, acting as office head in the absence of the sheriff since 2010.

Under Zinke’s direction and leadership, the MCSO received the Triple-Crown Award for achievement in law enforcement, making the office one of only 35 sheriff’s offices in the United States to attain this recognition and the only office in Illinois. Zinke currently serves as the head of the HEAT (Heroin Enforcement/Education Action Taskforce.)

A graduate of McHenry High School, Zinke holds a B.A. from Judson University and an M.B.A. (2013) from Aurora University. Andrew and his wife, Kimberly, have three children.


Northeastern Illinois Sheriffs, Except Lake County’s, Endorse Zinke — 17 Comments

  1. Headline: Six politicians endorse continued corruption in Mchenry County.

    (It keeps the Feds focus off of them)

    Still a douche!

  2. Presenting the Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren Circus.

    Can be seen at a Mchery Government theatre near you, everyday of the week 24/7.

    Call Keith or Andy if you want to pay to play.

    If you are part of the Good o’l boys club they will give you tickets. But just remember, you have to pay to play or pay to watch for that matter…..Yep that’s right.

    Those 6 people continue to endorse corruption in Mchenry County.

    WOW BOYS, You are both looking fat and happy!

    Just “Darling” aren’t they?

    Hey Andy and Keith how much did you have to pay to play?

    Oh sorry you two are the ones playing not paying, or are you playing?

    You are the ones handing out tickets.

    No doubt about that.

    Wish I could play in the same sand box, but I don’t have enough money to pay to play….

    Darn… I just love those TV shows “The Price is Right” and “Lets Make a Deal” If you all want to play “COME ON DOWN”

  3. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke Come out, come out wherever you are.. Hey Kim aren’t you getting tired of that Cuckoo’s nest? Just asking..Gosh sure hope you don’t keep your knives there.

  4. What is it with photos of Officers in Illinois that they often seem to be too overweight to chase down some criminal without running out of breath early on?

    Yah, they’re people too and are subject to lack of discipline in their personal lives.

    However, the public is supposed to be protected by these seemingly unfit servants.

    Their fellow officers are also at risk if a partner can’t cut it.

    It doesn’t matter to me if they are regularly on the street OR sitting at a desk running the show.

    Don’t we have physicals and weight limits and yearly tests of ability to run, etc.?

    Aren’t they enforced?

    I used to think it was “just” in Chicago.

    You’d watch them huff and puff and sweat just getting a prisoner into a car or into court.

    Their shirts were overstuffed. It looks like that trend has arrived here as well.

    Compassion for these people is fine, however, it shouldn’t interfere with their duties.

    After all they aren’t just selling lemonade for a living.


  5. This press release from Undersheriff Andrew Zinke said it all, what more can I say?

  6. Fukoku, you are right, that press release says it all.

    Now is the time to make some phone calls and education check . . . is this the whole truth?

  7. “Please note that Perez is a Democrat. I’m not sure about the rest.”

    Perez hired Zinke’s wife after she left MCSO. That’s the connection.

  8. Kim Zinke works for Perez at Kane County.

    Who really cares what one politician says about another?

    They stroke each other all the time.

    Actually I prefer to break the chain of insider politics.

  9. Only reason Lake County Sheriff didnt’ give an endorsement to Zinke is because Prim has a part time security job through the county.

  10. Ha,..Look at the picture. That pretty much sums it up, you have one dork looking to the right, and the other looking left. .

    They can’t even do one simple easy task right, like take a picture together.

    Now for the next question : How many of these so called “Endorses” were paid money by M.C.S.O in the past year(s) to perform various functions ?


    Did that money train just get derailed ?

  11. Sheriff Mark Curran did attend Bill Prim’s fundraiser, along with his chief deputy.

  12. We all heard that train derail….

    Gosh Andy and Keith what does the train derailment mean for the both of you?

    It’s just not looking good for either of you…

    The people of Mchenry County have been waiting for that train for years and years.

    Well boys, the time has finally arrived..

  13. If nygren wants him in you know he is the wrong one for the job.

    Is his residence in Illinois or does he too have a tax dodge home in Florida?

    I am sure he was trained well on how to beat the system.

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