Hammerand Holds Fundraiser

Reick Sign Franks + Madigan WL Rd corn

The corn in front of this sign linking Jack Franks to Mike Madigan doesn’t make it completely clear that Steve Reick in his opponent.

On my way to McHenry County Board member John Hammerand’s fundraiser, I saw another Liberty Outdoor billboard advising voters who vote for Democrat Jack Franks that they are voting for House Speaker Mike Madigan to continue his reign over the Illinois political arena.

Hammerand 9-14 Andy Glab + Steve Reick

John Hammerand chatted with McHenry Alderman Andy Glab and State Rep. candidate Steve Reick.

The event was held at the Old Mill Inn near the dam that holds back the recreational waters of Wonder Lake.

Hammerand + Prim WL fundraiser

GOP candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim was in attendance.

It’s a cozy establishment, now offering slot machines.

Hammerand 9-14 Walkup, Verr + Serwatka

McHenry County Board member Mike Walkup, McHenry Township GOP Vice Chairman Steve Verr and Grafton Township Republican Party Chairman Paul Serwatka were conversing as John Hammerand was selecting his food.

Former State Senator and McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Jack Schaffer was there.

Verr + Guanci Hammerand 9-14

Steve Verr greeted newly-selected McHenry County Ethics CommissionerJohn Guanci.

So was newly-elected McHenry Township Republican Party Chairman Steve Rooney.

Hammerand 9-14 Schaffer, Walters, Reick

Jack Schaffer, Phyllis Walters, Steve Reick and an unidentified man were chatting.

Former Executive Director of the County GOP, Geri Davis, was in attendance, as was McHenry County Recorder Phyllis Walters.

Hammerand 9-14 Geri Davis + Cheryl

Geri Davis and Cheryl Hammerand look over a door prize.

McHenry County Board members Donna Kurtz and Mike Walkup were sighted, as was Hammeran’s running mate Chuck Wheeler.

Prim + Kurtz Hammerand 9-14

Bill Prim and Donna Kurtz were discussing politics.

Republican candidate for County Treasurer Glenda Miller drove over from Harvard.

Hammerand 9-14 Miller and Hammerand

Glenda Miller found something John Hammerand said to be amusing.

The slot machines drew the attention of a couple of those in attendance.

Slot machines WL

A couple of attendees found a diversion from the non-stop political talk.

One interesting tidbit came from a 94-year old woman who moved to Wonder Lake in the 1930’s. Her first tax bill was $5, the same as her subdivision dues.


Hammerand Holds Fundraiser — 5 Comments

  1. Geeez with all those slot machines, video gaming etc why the hell are our taxes so high!?

    McHenry County is slowly turning into a cesspool.

    You can’t turn around without seeing these things even in the ‘family restaurants’ or what used to be considered family establishments.

  2. Are these politicians allowed to use their money raised at their own fundraisers to pay the entrance to others?

    I just don’t understand the need for so many, especially those not even running for current office.

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