Remember the Unethical Ethics Commission? Applicants Sought

The McHenry County Ethics Commission prior to two resignations.

The McHenry County Ethics Commission members, all of whom but the two on the far left gave Undersheriff Andy Zinke a pass when he used his office as a backdrop for a pre-primary election campaign interview.

The terms of three members who didn’t think that Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s use of his office in the courthouse for a campaign TV interview was unethical have terms that are expiring.

Perhaps more ethical people will apply for the three new appointments by a new McHenry County Board.

The McHenry County Board is accepting applications from persons interested in appointment to the McHenry County Ethics Commission. Three (3) positions are available for terms ending February 1, 2017.

Application forms are available at the County Board Office, Room 209, McHenry County Government Center, 667 Ware Road, Woodstock, IL 60098 (815-334-4221) or at the County’s website at

Applications should be returned to the County Board office no later than 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 23, 2014. If mailing your application, certified or registered mail is recommended. Mailed applications should be sent to the following address: McHenry County Board, 2200 North Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, IL 60098.

The following terms are expiring February 1, 2015:

  • John White
  • Cherie Rickert
  • Thomas Spencer

These three were so naive that they didn’t think Zinke’s use of the office county’s email system to advance a political candidacy was improper. See stories and links to stories about the July, 2103, hearing here.


Remember the Unethical Ethics Commission? Applicants Sought — 5 Comments

  1. For everyones sake, please stay out of sight. By the way, hows that book “Political Campaigning for Dummies?” or rrrrh is it the “Fox thinks it, can outsmart everyone?” Either way, sure hope you find another line of work not connected to McHenry County politics. Hey, I hear the some of the corrupt leaders of the Local 150 club are looking for new members. However, the Local boys that follow the law probably wouldn’t want you on their team.

  2. I’d love to do this but I suppose I cannot, if I’m a precinct committeeman, and running to be on a school board. . .

  3. I don’t suspect their is much of a reason to apply here unless the role has already been promised you by the current Sheriff.

    These typically are political patronage appointments and early signs around the hirings to date point to this Sheriff being a typical politician practicing political business as usual.

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