Call for Opposition to Coral Township Rezoning

Kristin Ottolino of the Citizens Alert Social Media Network sends the following email concerning the Coral Township zoning request by the Fraternite of Notre Dame:

Development plans for the property.

Development plans for the property.

To All Concerned McHenry County Citizens,

I apologize, but on the last email regarding where to turn in petitions to STOP THE EXPANSION of the FND (“Fraternite of Notre Dame”), I apparently missed the two most important board meeting dates regarding this expansion. That’s interesting because I actually received that meeting information directly from a McHenry County Board member.

Again, I strongly encourage all of you to attend these two upcoming meetings, as the expansion of this “religious order” can directly affect both your property taxes of McHenry County citizens, and the safety of our community as expressed in my earlier emails.

The following is accurate information, meeting dates, locations, and times:

I have received this information from an active member of our community: Information re: Petition #14-037 Fratenite of Notre Dame Conditional Use Permit (CUP) request.

If you support the community and agree that the proposed uses (Boarding school, Nursing home w/ hospice, commercial kitchen for wine and beer making and retail store) should not be located in a residential/agricultural community and do not fit the land use plans of the Township or the County, please consider attending the meetings below. Thanks for your support.

Just below is the information on the two important meetings:

The first one is the McHenry County Board meeting this Tuesday, April 21st, at 7:00 pm Conference. Rm B in the Administration Building 667 Ware Rd. Woodstock IL. (next to the courthouse).

We need as many people as possible to attend this meeting in force.

This is our first opportunity to introduce the County Board to the Coral Township “community”.

If you attend this meeting, sign in. List the petition number #14-037 as the reason you are attending. Even if you are not speaking, still sign in. It serves as an official public record of how many were in attendance.

Two women in the center of the crowd wore habits.

Women in the center of the crowd wore habits on Apirl 9th.

There will be no discussion or vote by the Board at this meeting. Our main goal is to show up in force, so the more the merrier!

The next meeting on this issue is the ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) hearing which will continue on Wednesday April 29th at 1:30 pm in Conference. Room B of the Administration Building at 667 Ware Rd. Woodstock, IL.

The FND still has at least two more witnesses presenting; the architect and the soil & water expert.

It’s likely there will be a third hearing.

Once the FND is done presenting, the public will have an opportunity to give public statements.

However, until that time we are only allowed to ask questions based on what they present.

After public participation is concluded the hearing will be closed and the petition will be placed on the ZBA Vote Meeting agenda.

The ZBA then forwards their recommendation to the County Board.

Please inform yourself by reading the information on this “religious order” here… this is one article supporting our argument:

Here is another article regarding the last meeting as reported in the Northwest Herald: (This is page one of this article)

(Here is page two of the above article):

I do also strongly encourage each and every one of you to call your McHenry County Board members to express your opinions regarding this expansion. Here is a list of numbers of the McHenry County Board members: (I know Michele Avang is not listed but, and her phone number is 815-648-4210)… and this is the link to the rest of that list of phone numbers:

Hope to see you at the meetings!! (I will definitely be at the first one).

Stay safe, stay vigilant,
Kristin Ottolino

= = = = =
A participant at the meeting took photos of the first meeting and wrote what was seen. Here is the McHenry County Blog article.


Call for Opposition to Coral Township Rezoning — 5 Comments

  1. Primary objection is that the roads used to service this ‘proposed’ additional use are Township Roads.

    They were built to service local residences and local agriculture.

    The initial granting of a conditional use for this property should never have been approved because one could readily conclude that this not for profit would be back requesting additional uses as they are now doing.

    The proposed use of this property is not compatible with the existing roads or the existing neighborhood and should be denied.

    This proposed use belongs in a municipal area which already has the appropriate infrastructure (fire, police, roads, sewage disposal and water) to support it.

  2. The project is 2.0 miles from US Route 20, a Class II truck route.

    Thousands of heavy trucks go down 20 every day.

    The additional impact from the construction traffic is minimal in comparison.

  3. I think it’s great that she is active politically, though Kristin Ottolino is dead wrong on a series of points on this issue.

    What’s sad is that she’s so negative and spewing such false accusations to create fear of NUNS.

    Imagine that.

    Great argument on the traffic standpoint, rawdogger.

    Clearly, Ms. Ottolino just hates these nuns.

  4. Kristin, con on,

    No-one said that the students will come from the Austin neighbourhood of Chicago.

    Their church gets members from all around Chicago and suburbs far and near.

    None of their church members have “troubled youths”.

    Do seriously think that they would bring troubled youths to disrupt the harmony of the boarding students or the school.

    They themselves are protective of the harmony that exits on their properties.

    Since I personally know the members of that church, you are wrong on that account.

    The Mother Superior at the first zoning meeting told the people that any child with special needs would be referred to more appropriate schools.

    Their school is going to be a preparatory school for higher education.

    They presently have several children in their small school program.

    None of them is “troubled” and each of those students have expressed how they love being in the country, how nice and quite it is, and they get to help with the animals.

    Your supposition is all conjecture.

    And yes, we are all Roman Catholic, and practice the Roman Catholic faith.

    We do not scam, defraud, or cheat our members or other people.

    God’s commandment is “Do not steal, do not bear false witness”.

    However, what makes you think you are entitled to look into their finances.

    They are not running for office.

    You are not banking their projects.

    And considering many of their church members are poor, the coffers of the church collection are meager compared to other parish churches.

    However, they do accept donations of cash, cheques, endowments, and property.

    All of which are legal tender.

    They have to struggle to make a living out of the cakes and cookies they sell.

    They work in a lot of market areas in Chicago and the suburbs.

    Not everyone is going to buy cakes and cookies, it does not appeal to everyone.

    The winery and brewery, and canning of their organic produce will appeal to a much broader clientele.

    They need to bring other sources of income to support themselves (the order has increased over the past ten years) and support the projects of their mission.

    The boarding school and nursing home/ hospice center will be part of their continued mission.

    They have built a small hospital and several medical clinics in other countries.

    They have doctors, nurses, and medical personal that help them.

    They use small vans and trucks, themselves.

    Do any of you complain when the big grainery trucks, or the combine harvesters move down your country road around harvest time?

    Apparently as these big trucks serve your farming purposes, their impact on your road are “ok”.

    Seems a bit selfish to me. Your country roads are all class II roads as well as Route 20 and Harmony Hill Rd.

    The few cars, small vans or moving truck they have do little to add to the wear and tear of your road.

    You are being hysterical in your suppositions.

    Did anyone complain when the 38 large houses in the subdivision across Harmony Hill Rd were built?s

    What about the noise from those bulldozers, those large trucks that delivered building materials?

    Of course not.

    As long as it serves your purpose, or bring tax dollars those trucks,the construction building noise is tolerable.

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