State’s Attorney’s Office Knows Nothing of Kim Zinke Probe

Kim Zinke.  Photo credit - McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

Kim Zinke. Photo credit – McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. ¬†Scott Milliman and Don lockhart are in the background of this 2005 photo.¬†

By filing a Freedom of Information request with the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office I have discovered that that office is out of the loop on the investigation of Kane County Deputy Sheriff Kim Zinke.

Documents requested regarding a search warrant and affidavit were not it that office’s possession.

Reliable sources have revealed that her and husband Andy Zinke’s Woodstock home was searched within the last two weeks by law enforcement officers.


State’s Attorney’s Office Knows Nothing of Kim Zinke Probe — 16 Comments

  1. What has the Kane County States Attorneys office say about the investigation?

  2. Cal, why would the State’s Attorneys office in McHenry County be involved in a Kane County investigation?

    If a Judge in Kane County signed a search warrant for her house to be searched then wouldn’t it be executed by the Kane County Sheriff’s department even if she lives in McHenry County?

    I believe the Kane County State’s Attorney would at some point be involved in this if it were found that they have evidence that a crime was committed.

    If a Judge did sign a search warrant then he felt there was probable cause to do so.

  3. McHenry Co. state’s attorney has already determined that Mr. Zinke hasn’t done anything wrong while in office (see Rita Corp).

    Why are you trying to link HER problems in Kane Co to her husband here in McHenry Co?

    And Voter, I really doubt that the Kane Co SA office will release any information or evidence in the case untill and unless there is an arrest, and then it would be listed in the complaint and warrant.

    FOIA is a waste of time when it involves an “on-going” investigation, as the State Police told Cal when he sent them a FOIA.

  4. I seem to remember Zane Seipler being barbecued by some commenters for actions his wife did in supporting him.

    And she was a private citizen.

    I think it newsworthy (hence why the NW Herald will not address it) that an officer of the law married to a law enforcement official in the county have their home searched.

    What am I missing?

  5. I think that is what I said AZ supporter.

    Paul she if a officer of the law, her husband is not a
    law enforcement official.

  6. If she has committed a crime in Kane County “”IF” then there is potential to commit a crime anywhere.

    Clearly, criminals do not have geographical limitations regarding their crimes.

    So get a grip “AZ”

  7. I believe a judge in the county where the search takes place must sign the paperwork.

  8. Not sure about that one,Cal.

    Zane’s wife was BBQ’d because she attempted to influence a lawsuit on behalf of her husband, and the COURT caught her in a lie, and Zane as well.

    And, Dum Dum, once again (I can’t believe I’m say this twice in a week), you’re correct.

    Criminals, IF she is one, can commit crimes wherever thay want, county lines be damned.

    BUT, you’re trying to say that if she did wrong, HE did wrong-not gonna happen, so YOU can get a grip, if you must, on reality.FIRST, she has not been charged with anything, convicted of anything, nor arrested for anything.


  9. Once again “Windy AZ” your opinion doesn’t matter.

    Especially, after that long winded story, from you, about towels that don’t even exist.

  10. Yep, my mistake on Andy’s status.

    I lost track of him when it was rumored he was taking another law enforcement job.

    I still think it newsworthy however when a law enforcement officer is under investigation.

    And her connection to the failed sheriff’s candidate makes it of interest as well.

    However, my apologies re: the mistake I made on Andy’s status.

  11. Wasn’t Zane’s case dismissed based on a settlement that vacated the judge’s ruling?

    What was Zane allegedly lied about…putting out info on dirty cops…that’s right.

    Where is he now?

    How is Millman doing on his case about dirty cops..including another Zinke?

  12. Cal, I have to say this now seems very strange as it appears from your further report that the State’s Attorney’s office did indeed search their house?

    Curious if you believe you were you confused or misled?

    Or do you care either way?

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