Fake Utility Workers Try to Get into Marengo Homes

From KristinĀ Ottolino of Citizens Alert Social Media Network:

Just got word from one of our members that news out of Rockford said to be wary of people coming to your door posing as utility workers.

Near the intersection of Woodstock Rd and Garden Prairie Rd in Garden Prairie yesterday during normal business hours, (yes… daylight), someone posing as a utility worker knocked on a homeowner’s door.

Woodstock and Garden Prairie Roads.

Woodstock and Garden Prairie Roads.

When the homeowner answered, the robber couldn’t produce an I.D., and ultimately tried to knock the homeowner out. The homeowner successfully fought them off.

Unfortunately, this is all the info I was provided, but I thought you should know.

Please be careful.


Fake Utility Workers Try to Get into Marengo Homes — 2 Comments

  1. So, there is NO Description of said criminals, or their vehicle ?
    It’s not like they were not seen.

    Folks, you better keep a firearm handy, and know how to use it.

    Because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    In this case, the homeowner was indeed very lucky.

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