Proft PAC Goes after Wilbrandt

Perhaps the last mailing from Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles Political Action Committee criticizes Dan Wilbrandt, one of two candidates still in the race to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon.

It is no secret that Proft is backing Allen Skillicorn and this mailing shows that he thinks Dan Wilbrandt will pull votes away from Skillicorn, making it more difficult for his candidate to beat Carolyn Schofield, the teachers’ union’s candidate.

The address side refers to three voted Dan Wilbrandt made on the East Dundee Village Board.  If I understand the symbolism correctly, Proft is saying Wilbrandt raised taxes on real estate, gasoline and food.

The address side refers to three voted Dan Wilbrandt made on the East Dundee Village Board. If I understand the symbolism correctly, Proft is saying Wilbrandt raised taxes on real estate, gasoline and food.

The back of the Proft hit piece

The back of the Proft hit piece reiterates the local taxes that Dan Wilbrandt voted for.


Proft PAC Goes after Wilbrandt — 17 Comments

  1. The Proft scum bags have realized that Allen can not win on his own merits and need to try to come up with negative BS on the others instead of finding anything positive on Allen.

    I am for Schofeild.

    But I would certainly even take Dan over Allen.

    Allen is the worst possible choice in this race by far.

    And this slime ball campaigning should tell you everything you need to know about him.

    Stay away from Skillicon at all costs

  2. I get the concern over the PAC money… But, it does not mean they are always wrong…

    In the case of Dan Wilbrandt, they happen to be right on the money!

    Dan may be a nice guy (just as Carolyn Scornfield may be a nice lady)

    But, facts are facts – Dan is a big government, status quo politician who promised many things in his campaign to become a West Dundee trustee and not only did he not deliver, but he delivered the exact opposite of what he campaigned on!

    He voted in favor of every single tax increase that ever came up for a vote.

    He lobbied to bring Red Light Cameras to West Dundee to raise revenue with punishing fines for innocuous “right turn on red” violations.

    And, like Carolyn he portrays himself as “supprting the Governor’s Turn Around agenda, while he has stood directly against the governor’s idea by voting in favor of Prevailing Wage Ordinances every year, forcing government to spend 30%/40% more on big dollar government projects…

    So, apprently Dan just woke up recently and had a complete change of heart and views on all the policy he’s supported over the years?

    Give me a break Dan Wilbrandt is a fake!

  3. “Dan” Apparently you like being lied to…

    Scornfield is hands down the biggest fraud in this race, bar none!

    How can she claim to understand the need for pension reform yet earn the endorsement and $54K contribution from the largest lobby against pension reform in this state?

    I smell FRAUD!

    How can she claim to “stand with the governor and his Turn Around agenda , yet she attempted to kill it in McHenry County last year?

    I smell FRAUD!

    and she, too, has voted in favor of Prevailing Wage ordinances every year!

    I smell FRAUD!

    Carolyn Scornfield is a 100% bought and paid for progressive, liberal democrat!

  4. Proft also had an anti-wilbrant ad last night up during the 10:00 news on ABC

  5. Also… anyone else get the anti-Skillicorn robocall this past week?

    Something about Proft or Skillicorn committing a felony?

  6. Yes, Alabama.

    I too heard that call.

    Unreal. Losers for sure. SkilliCON is a disaster

  7. @Alg voter, Be a critic, but get your facts straight.

    Dad has never lobbied for cameras.

    Dan took office in 2013.

    Red light cameras were installed in 2008.

    @Dan Fredricks, I agree about Allen.

    I support Wilbrandt, but anyone in the race is better than Skillicorn and his slimy negative campaign.

  8. Put the blame on Dan Proft for the negative part of the campaign.

  9. LOL – sure, Cal.

    Proft does the dirty work so Allen doesn’t have to.

    I sure don’t hear Allen complaining about it.

  10. Dag – Dan lobbied to keep the cameras when the village was considering getting rid of them.

    FOIA the village and see for yourself.

  11. Dag, your boy Dan has done some slimy negative campaigning based on what he, himself, knows to be false statements, himself…

  12. As far as voting to approve prevailing wage every year, I can tell you that no one wants to do it, the costs of projects would most likely be less without it.

    However, as it is the le of the land in IL (and many other states) not approving it will cost you MFT funds

  13. More slime from Dan Proft Liberty Principles pitching for Dan McConchie who has never established any viable credentials.

    Caution to all of you who’ve put your good name out for McConchie.

    when you lie down with dogs you come up with fleas.

  14. Cal-“Put the blame on Dan Profit for the negative part of the campaign.”

    You are kidding right? With or without Proft, Skillicorn’s political history (what little there is) has consistently been based on negative campaigning.

    No substance of his own so he has to go on the attack.

    For what it’s worth, I live in East Dundee where Allen is a legion in his own mind.

    As much as I’d like to see him out of East Dundee, I agree with Dan Fredricks,

    Skillicorn is by far the worst possible choice in this race.

  15. Amp- What do you get if you lie down with Carolyn?

    It would be poor taste to call her a dog.

  16. Proft Liberty principles is the same organization spending hundreds of Thousands of Dollars going after Martin McLaughlin and to a lesser extent Casey Urlacher with the same “pap” he is heaping on Wilbrant while hiding who Dan McChonchie’s record of lobbying and fundraising.

    Even McChonchie referred to himself on a blog as the Prince of Darkness due to his lobbying activities

    I was on the fence in this election but Skillicorn’s affiliation with the Proft slime machine is too much for me.

    Use your money for a worthwhile charity rather than slandering the reputation of good people who are trying to make a difference.

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