Jack Franks Switches Sides on Term Limits

Howell, Big John mastheadIn his WLS-AM interview with “Big” John Howell, nine-term State Rep. Jack Franks came out in favor of term limits.

To quote Franks from the show:

“I believe we need term limits.”

Franks might say he has always been for term limits.

2014 opponent Steve Reick found copies of the Northwest Herald from Franks’ first election where Franks said he would serve only three terms:

Franks just doesn’t practice what he preached during his first run for office in 1998.

Dennis Miller interviewed Jack Franks in Chicago.

Dennis Miller interviewed Jack Franks in Chicago.

In 2009, Franks defended term limits when asked about them by WIND talk show host Dennis Miller:


Jack Franks Switches Sides on Term Limits — 30 Comments

  1. No suprise, Jack is telling a LIE.

    Do as Jack says, not as Jack does!

    He has to go!

  2. Cal,

    People can change their mind.

    You ran as a libertarian.

    Libertarians are not opposed to social progress like same sex marriage.

    They aren’t opposed to abortion.

    You are.

    How long ago did you run as a libertarian?


    How long ago did Jack 1s run?



    Not shocking at all

  3. What does the post have to do with Cal? Nothing.

    The post is relative to the veracity of Jack Franks.

    He is a liar who specializes in deceitful activity.

  4. Flip flopping is a art form common in those running for office.

    Pay attention and vote appropriately.

  5. I have to agree with Moderate’s comment this morning.

    Perhaps a little of Cal calling the kettle black given his history.

  6. Again, there’s no constitutional qualification that forbids changing your mind.

    What if Strom Thurmond decided to maintain his anti-integration stance?

    He wouldn’t have been respected or elected.

    What’s more, term limits explicitly limit voter choice.

    Cal skinner, among others, has constantly spoken about the importance of choice.

    If you limit terms, you limit choice.

    What if you are happy with an established elected official?

    Also, we have term limits.

    They are two years.

    If you don’t like who is in office, vote them out OR run better campaigns or candidates.

    Steve Reick, Tonya Franklin and John O’Neil never ran good campaigns not did they have the physical support of most of the yucks commenting on this blog.

  7. The Republican Party did not allow Tonya Franklin to even try to get on the ballot.

  8. A man who ran for Governor as a Libertarian before I did characterized me as 95% Republican.

    As far as term limits go, I served eight years, was not in office for ten, then served eight more years.

    I’ll grant you that I did not end my second eight years voluntarily. Rosemary Kurtz beat me in the GOP Primary Election.

  9. I agree with Moderate-

    We have term limits-

    Show up and Vote. Franks has won by a significant margin in 7 of 8 different elections so clearly the voting public is happy with him.

    He runs as a Dem in a Republican county.

    Term limits drive the wrong behavior- can’t run again- you are accountable to know one and open to the highest bidder.

  10. There is a difference between believing you have changed your mind and saying what people want to hear.

    Jack Franks “NEVER” does anything that does not benefit Jack Franks!

    Just like Jack saying he would not run for County Chair.

    Jack Franks will do and stop at nothing to be the big fish!

    He has very little respect in Springfield.

    And if you think he actually fights for people and taxes you are blind to who he is.

    If he fought for peoples taxes he would never vote for Michael Madigan because that is the best way to increase your taxes and have Illinois go down the toilet!

  11. No respect?- Are you insane?

    He is the Chair of the State Government Committee.

    He is on the Committee of the Whole.

    Jack would struggle with a state wide seat because he has not made deals.

    But he has proven he is a brilliant strategist.

    You people are blinded by your bias – which is why he continues to play you.

  12. Inish:

    It’s hard to make deals when Mike Madigan tells you what to do and you happily jump on his lap for a belly rub like, oh I don’t know…Jack Franks?

  13. **The Republican Party did not allow Tonya Franklin to even try to get on the ballot.**

    LOL – she didn’t need their permission.

    Why didn’t she run in the primary?

    As for term limits – we have them.

    We have two year term limits.

    And then the voters get to decide if they want to hand that elected House member another two year term.

  14. So why then are there term limits on POTUS but not
    on any other elected official ?

    What makes them so special ?

    As the saying goes, what’s good for the goose is good
    for the gander.

    Anything less is pure hypocrisy, America deserves better.

  15. What any individual politician says about term limits is irrelevant!

    Term limits require a Constitutional Amendment and until such time as a significant number of elected legislators sponsor an appropriate bill, their individual assertions are meaningless.

    A legislator that truly supports “term limits” should write a bill supported by both House and Senate members with sponsors in each chamber.

    The legislators could put the issue to referendum if a majority truly wanted this reform.

  16. Jim B: If a candidate runs for office

    1- supporting a self limit on term limits, as Jack did,

    2- disavows them by his actions as Jack did in running for nine terms instead of three, and

    3- then embraces them again, as Jack did,

    what does that say?

    We’re not talking Constitution here, we are talking what a politician promises.

    Oh wait, we know what that’s worth?

  17. Franks is going to win the chairman seat, WHO CARES ABOUT TERM LIMITS.

    Cal, this narrative is as absurd as claiming you are a pedophile.


  18. Moderate: Jack may win, but it’s far from the sure thing you think it to be, but keep on sniffing that glue.

    And that pedophile remark: You’re trying to introduce a concept to besmirk and marginalize Cal and his blog.

    You are vile, and the last thing you are is a moderate.

  19. At the point Tonya Franklin got disgusted enough about Jack Franks to run, she needed to be slated by the Republican Party.

    She would have given him fits.

  20. Everyone, of course, is a member of the Committee of the Whole.

    One might wonder why Franks has not gotten the chairmanship of a more important committee after being in Springfield 17+ years.

  21. Alabamasnake: are you shill for Mr. Gottemoller?

    Or are you Gottemoller?

    Obviously, Jacko’s issue polling told him that people wanted term limits …so that what the huckster pedals to the weak-minded.

  22. Some people on the blog seem to be ‘blinded’ by Franks bag of dirty tricks & politician shell game antics.

    This behavior is NOT ‘brilliant strategy’ but created drama That takes voter’s attention away from what the issues are & serious decent candidates that are running for taxpaid positions.

    Jack Franks thinks of himself as a player & big fish, but there are people on this blog that see through all the backpedaling, excuses, drama type maneuvering that is thrown out on this blog.

    Franks puppets will say any DISGUSTING thing to take the heat off Franks like ‘Cal, this narrative is as absurd as claiming you are a pedophile.’.

    After 9 terms in the reps job, a comment like

    ‘What any individual politician says about term limits is irrelevant.’

    is just a sad transparent excuse .

  23. Watchdog.

    Ummm no.

    People on this blog are authoritarian Republicans, therefore they don’t like Jacky.

    It doesn’t show any special sort of incite to criticize those you hate.

    It’s by definition what you do.

    To infer any different is silly.

  24. Well ‘Watcher’ it seems to be ‘the thing’ to call someone a ‘hater’.

    The only thing I hate in this life are mosquitos.

    It saddens me to the core of my soul to see the polarization that has been happening
    In our country by people labeling themselves & others as Republicans & Democrats.

    Comments I’ve made are about motives, behavior & actions regarding those that claim
    To want to represent us collectively & individually.

    Having NO POLITICAL party affiliation, I’m just trying to search through the minefield
    For a few decent candidates (not career politicians) while pointing out where the human
    Weeds are.

  25. Jack Franks is a tax hiker.

    He voted for unfunded and underfunded legislative pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes to pensions and retiree healthcare systems that were already unfunded and underfunded.

    Unfunded and underfunded benefit hikes to pensions and retiree healthcare systems that were already unfunded and underfunded resulted in hiked taxpayer contributions and IOU’s which result in hiked taxes and has contributed to statewide financial chaos.

    Fiscally irresponsible and indefensible.

    Illinois Pension Scam and Jack Franks is part of it.

  26. Mark,

    We’ve been over this.

    You can keep saying something, but it doesn’t make it true.

    Jack Franks has not voted for a tax increase.

    What’s funny is, you agree with Michael Moore on this!

    Moore was quoted as saying that when you look at all of the fees, taxes, and line items we have to pay in America, we are paying more than the socialist countries folks like yourself abhor.

    Don’t believe me?

    Watch last week’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.

  27. **Alabamasnake: are you shill for Mr. Gottemoller? Or are you Gottemoller?**

    LOL – that is a new accusation.

    Well done.

    I’ve never met Gottemoller, and I am most definitely not a shill for him.

  28. Holy crap!

    Sometimes you wonder where that guy who killed everyone in the post office got his start.

    And Eureka!

    I have found the place.

    Where a person calls someone, a person, a human weed, there can only be a small distance to killing that weed.

    This, Watson, is where those people come from.

    And they don’t even know it.

  29. No Watching.

    It’s the people that are not even aware of this war we are right now fighting for souls.

    It’s the people that are too brainwashed from watching teevee to even know enough to turn it off before it erases their humanity.

    It’s the people that get their worldview from pure garbage like “Real Time” and Bill Maher.

    That is where ‘those’ people (as you say)come from.

    And yes, you are right when you say …

    “they don’t even know it”.

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