CL Library Bond Issue Supporters Make Another Mailing

Here is the “closer” in the campaign to convince Crystal Lake voters to vote to increase their real estate tax bills by an average of $132 per year for the next twenty years.

Citizens urge voters to approve the $30.1 million to build a new library at the corner of West Crystal Lake Avenue and McHenry Avenue.

On the address side of this mailing attempting to convince voters to approve the $30.1 million to build a new library at the corner of West Crystal Lake Avenue and McHenry Avenue supporters offer their best arguments.

On the back of the mailing citizens

On the back of the mailing citizens Sonya & Curt Wadlington, Larry O’Meara and Rick Schildgen urge voters to “Vote Yes.”


CL Library Bond Issue Supporters Make Another Mailing — 15 Comments

  1. Is there any truth to the rumor that the funding on these mailers is derived from public library funds?

  2. Not this one.

    See article Saturday for where the money came from.

  3. There is already a very nice library in Crystal Lake at McHenry County College. Any resident of the college district can get a free card, and the college already has most of the amenities that Crystal Lake wants to build into its proposed new library.

  4. Good comment & info Billy Bob.

    Unfortunately, the CL Library Board
    Doesn’t seem to care about this type
    Of duplication of services.

    They want what they want and DON’T
    CARE about the people they are taking
    The money from.

  5. The referendum supporters state the taxpayer cost is $132 per year per $200,000 of home fair case value.

    That is for year 1.

    What about year 2?

    Year 3?

    Year 4?

    Year 5?

    Year 6?

    Year 7?

    Year 8?

    Year 9?

    Year 10?

    Year 11?

    Year 12?

    Year 13?

    Year 14?

    Year 15?

    Year 16?

    Year 17?

    Year 18?

    Year 19?

    Year 20?

  6. These whores are still pretending that the $9.1 million is necessary repairs to the building.

    It isn’t.

  7. Rumor is that Putin is behind the anti “new library” movement.

    Disgraceful that Russia is interfering with Crystal Lake getting a new Taj Mahal library!

  8. Simple u post card people u want it You pay for it All and all the following Taxes forever u got your library!

  9. One thing a voter can do to get a better understanding of bond referendums, is to contact their State Representative and Senator and request they sponsor legislation requiring more disclosure for bond referendums, be they binding or advisory referendums.

    In comments under the following post is a rough draft:


    McHenry County Blog

    CL Library Architect Donates $8,000 to Library Yes Committee

    November 5, 2016


    One reason property taxes are high is a lack of adequate disclosure during bond referendums.

    Not fully disclosing the proposed disclosures is to the advantage of special interest groups who benefit from bond referendums.

  10. If the cost remains $132 per year per $200,000 fair cash value of home, and the bonds are for 20 years, the total is $2,640 + interest per $200,000 fair cash value of property.

    But we can only guess because this information has not been clearly presented to taxpayers.

    So that would be $5,280 per $200,000 fair cash value of property over 20 years, plus interest.

    The best option is to vote no and have them clearly present the costs to taxpayers, as well as the details that go into making an informed decision on whether to vote for the referendum.

    That would be existing debt service schedule, debt service schedule for this bond issue, the annual cost to taxpayers per $200,000 fair cash value until the bonds are retired, an explanation of fair cash value, summary and detailed cost estimates for all proposals, any documents or presentations that have been presented to the administration or board from the PMA Financial Advisor or any other professionals pertaining to a new library, etc.

  11. Typo.

    So that wold be $5,280 per $400,000 fair cash value of property over 20 years, plus interest.

  12. Like a previous blogger stated, with MCC having a very able library, a small volunteer run library in CL is more than adequate.

    Time to think smaller just as Americans are switching to smaller homes that are more economical to heat, cool etc.

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