Flood Water Receding in Algonquin

Stopped by LaFox River Drive to see what the Fox River was doing to the neighborhood Tuesday and found it had gone down a fair amount.

Sandbags still line the west side of LaFox River, but the water does not reach as far down the street now.

The street is no longer inundated.

Much of the street is now dry.

Water in the corner apartment building’s driveway no longer threatens its foundation.

There’s no water in the apartment building’s driveway and dry sidewalks can be seen in Cornish Park.

The water level at Cornish Park’s bathroom building is lower.

This Cornish Park bathroom building shows up in many media reports.

The double dikes in the first home on LaFox downstream from the dam were holding.

The home bearing the brunt of the Fox River flood below the dam was still withstanding Mother Nature’s wrath.

Wednesday morning’s flood gage showed the river south of the dam at 12.1 foot, steadily declining.

Flood guage below the Algonquin Dam on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.


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