CL Motorcyclist Fatality Was Peter O’Grady — 17 Comments

  1. Sadly, yes.

    Now that I looked again at the picture in the NWH, That’s his Panhead laying in the road.

    RIP Peter.

  2. Rest in Peace, Peter.

    He was a great American and a Conservative.

    Prayers for his children, now without a father.

  3. I hadn’t realized I knew him. I was just totally crestfallen at the news of what had happened yet again. Seventeen year old boys do not belong on the road. Teenagers are so irresponsible in so many ways. Makes you angry – this type of thing is such a waste.

  4. Cindy. How dare you turn a tragedy into some issue with 17 year olds being able to drive. Things like this are called accidents for a reason. You are a terrible human being.

  5. You suck, Facts! How dare you even address me with your moronic tale of woe! Irresponsibility is no accident! Neither is your lack of brain functioning.

  6. Cindy Miss freedom fighter wants to take freedoms away from 17 year old drivers. By the way, I can name plenty of irresponsible adults over the age of 17. You are one of them with your moronic comments. The president is another. Should I keep going??

  7. Hey Facts…The truth is that in Illinois, 16/17 Year-olds have restrictions with regard to number of passengers (one) until they turn 18 with no violations.

    It is done to reduce distracted driving.

    He had four passengers.

    Had he followed the law, Peter might still be alive.

    You might want to re-think your screen name before you criticize others.


    Pay attention closely.

    This may blow your mind. At no point did myself or anyone else mention anything about passengers or law violations.

    Cindy made a gross generalization about 17 year old drivers.

    Fact is, this was a tragedy.

    Thoughts and prayers to the families as they all deal with a horrific accident.

  9. Trying to discredit Cindy doesn’t help this situation, like it or not, she is probably right. LT, thanks for the statement on restrictions. It makes sense.

  10. It’s an emotional loss, and we’re sick of losing friends for stupid reasons.

  11. Amen. I keep going over it in my mind. The facts of the situation are horrendous. My first thoughts on the seventeen year old were how does he live with that for the rest of HIS life!

  12. RIP Peter. I haven’t seen him in many years but will always remember him as being kind, fun loving and a fantastic passion for riding!

    For the details I have seen .. The age of the driver was not an issue and there were no passenger laws broken.

    It was a heartbreaking accident and just that!

    So sad to lose Peter..

    My heart goes out to his kids and to the driver of the SUV…

    It could have been any of us driving.

    I’m sure this will say with him for the rest of his life.

    Prayers to all!

  13. Pete was an old friend of mine, I was at his house just a week or two before his accident.

    He was proudly showing me his’67 shovelhead bagger that he had just purchased.

    That was the bike he was killed on.

    I would see him time and time again just chuffing around town on his motorcycle.

    When my 1930’s Indian left me stranded in Bull valley a few years ago, Pete shows up out of nowhere to help me out.

    I was really looking forward to spending more time with him, until I read the local paper the other day.

    On one hand, I feel devastated.

    On the other, it just reaffirms that we all have this beautiful, glorious gift called life, and each day is just a treasured miracle to behold all of it, and everyone we care for.

    Every time I fire up one of my antique bikes, I’ll be taking Pete along with me.

  14. I was 17 once, we all were.

    I did some stupid things then, and have had the good fortune to survive them and learn from them.

    What I know now is this unfortunate combination of conditions and events that was a fatal accident does not have to destroy 2 lives.

    Whatever happened, and by whom, I would hope that we could find a place in our souls to forgive one who may have a lifelong burden that none of us could well carry.

  15. May many angels held your hands, guiding you to Heaven.

    My prays go out to those who are missing him.

    This is a time to start healing; not placing blame.

  16. Peter was my Uncle, and a father figure to me.

    I lived with him several years, and he was a solid, good man who stood on principal!!

    One of the few of us left in this world that could still do business with a handshake.

    We all are entitled to our opinion, but there are times and places for that, this not one of those times.

    Let’s use what little we have to remember who he was, and share those memories of him for his children to know.

    This was a very unfortunate incident, that I’m sure when it’s all over with, and investigated will show it could have been prevented.

    We cannot change what happened or the outcome, but we can come together to learn from this tragedy and have others learn from it too…

    I have seen the evidence, and the accident scene and will state it was an accident that could have been prevented, that it and move forward using it as positive example…

    We all have to carry our own crosses in life, some heavier than others, and the burden of this cross will be heavy and has to be carried by those who added the weight to it.

    They have to live with what was done, and that is a punishment itself!!!

    God Bless

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