Paint Disposal Returns to Algonquin Township

A press release from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser:

Paint Re-Cycling Returns to Algonquin Township

(Crystal Lake, IL) The Algonquin Township Highway Department will be holding a specialized paint recycling drive for the entire McHenry County on Saturday, October 14th from 8 AM til 12 Noon at the Algonquin Township Building, 3702 US Highway 14 between Crystal Lake and Cary.

The highway department is partnering with EPaint Recycling to provide this service.

This event will be a paint event only and no other specialized items will be recycled.

Latex and oil based paints will be accepted.

The cost is $3 per gallon of latex paint and $10 for a five gallon bucket of latex paint. They will also accept oil based paint for $9 a gallon.

Paint left by previous Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.

McHenry County is a beautiful place to live.

We want to protect the environment that we have been blessed with.

We are welcoming all residents of McHenry County to bring their paint to be recycled.

This event will use the specialized recycling traffic pattern.

Entrance to the property will be through the side entrance to the township (The Hollows Entrance @ 18410 US Hwy 14) and when exiting the property you will only be permitted to make a right hand turn onto Northwest Highway.

The highway department will have signage instructing recyclers on the traffic pattern.


Paint Disposal Returns to Algonquin Township — 10 Comments

  1. It is only FREE if you provide your name and quantity in advance.

    Wonder what they plan to use that information for?

    Just wondering.

  2. It costs money to get rid of that stuff.

    They probably want to know for sure that you are a resident of McHenry County, and you are not a business.

  3. Besides, Franks needs that information as part of his plan to take over the univer…I mean county.

    What we really need is a local politician disposal.

  4. I will hold judgment until I see the next legal bills and engineering costs to run Algonquin Township. (Hint.. it’s going to be a lot)

    To say Andy is over his head is like saying the titanic was a sturdy ship.

  5. Have we found the County Credit Card statements yet?

    Probably with the detailed union negotiations conducted in the midnight hours.

    Meanwhile Nunda getting its “Miller Time”.

    Cost overruns, State Orders shutting down Miller led project.

    Glad his excess is costing another Township vs ours though sad its allowed to happen by ignorant voters.

    Moral of story?

    Township swamps take care of their own, taxpayers keep the checks coming.

    Angel has a $100k pension to collect.

  6. I don’t believe Miller has anything to do with that clusterfuck, if you know Iron Mike then you know it’s all his.

    I think Bob is trying to help with employee relations/retention.

  7. When throwing rocks, at least get the right (credit card) target to aim at.

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