Petition Challenges in McHenry County

Here are the candidate petition challenges filed at McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan’s office today:


Petition Challenges in McHenry County — 11 Comments

  1. Ask Joe Condon, Miller Wanabee Roadway Kingpin if he perpetrated any frauds.

  2. Challenging signatures for precinct committeeman?


    First, you need like 3 signatures, so if you can’t do that correctly, you probably shouldn’t be a precinct committeeman.

    But second, for those challenging these petitions, if you can’t win an election in your precinct without kicking people off, you also probably shouldn’t be a precinct committeeman.

  3. Ah.

    AlabamaShake reveals he or she is not a Precinct Committeeman.

    It takes ten signatures to get on the ballot.

    I went to one hearing in which the candidate had just ten signatures, but one person did not live in the precinct, was registered elsewhere, I believe.

    That’s why I advise people to get more than ten signers.

  4. Illinois State Board of Elections

    Candidates Guide

    Signature Requirements

    Precinct Committeeman – a minimum of 10 primary electors of his party


    Cook County has the following system.

    In each of the 50 Wards, there is an elected Democrat and Republican Ward Committeeman.

    In each Ward there are Precinct Captains who are not elected and frequently also have patronage jobs.

    Each ward also has an elected Alderman who sits on the city council.

    Some Ward Committeemen are also Ward Aldermen.

    Suburban Cook County has 30 elected Township Committeemen.

    There are 30 townships in suburban Cook County (Chicago has Wards rather than Townships).

  5. Or maybe Alabama Shake is just a democrat precinct committeeman.

    They’re not to keen on primaries.

    They prefer to avoid all those annoying voters and choose to caucus instead.

    Why bother getting actual signatures and votes when your party will just take anyone with a heartbeat?

  6. Kay passa it’s Jim Condon

    get it right if you are going to try and bash someone.

  7. Who cares?

    The GOP offers Rauner as its local idol.

    Who can fight for that?

    Condon is just a little crook, focus on the big problems.

  8. How is he a crook?

    You guys throw out lots of insults with no proof to back anything up.

    Just like Bob Anderson running around spitting out half truths

  9. Condon not a crook? HaHaha. Puleeeeeeze!

    Didn’t Condon file bankruptcy?

    Examine his work hours and his diversions of township property.

  10. Machone do work for Condom?

    If so, get back to work!

    While Condom is away(which is 85% of the time) the township mice play.

  11. Or, maybe it was just sarcasm pointing out that you barely need any signatures.

    3. 10. Doesn’t really matter.

    If a precinct committeeman cannot get enough valid signatures, they have no business being a precinct committeeman.

    And if a precinct committeeman can’t organize his/her precinct to win a precinct committeeman election (without kicking others off the ballot), they also don’t deserve to be a precinct committeeman.

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