Where the $3.5 Million the CL Park District Plans to Borrow Will Go

The Crystal Lake Park District is planning to borrow $3.5 million.

The proposal does not need voter approval, although, if 3,010 people sign petitions, a referendum would have to be put on the ballot this fall.

(For those interested, petitions can be obtained from the Downtown Crystal Lake Park District Office or by downloading the one posted below.)

Here is how the money will be spent:

The money will be spent on the following:

  • 2 playground replacements
  • 1 dump truck
  • 1 pickup truck with plow
  • Lippold synthetic turf replacement
  • Lippold flood relief projects
  • Several outdoor tennis court/basketball court repairs/replacements
  • Pedestrian crossing project
  • Administration building window replacement


Where the $3.5 Million the CL Park District Plans to Borrow Will Go — 7 Comments

  1. did they buy that property across from lippold with that big house and pond ???

  2. Something stinks real bad here. How is it they have plenty of bucks to purchase land everywhere for their dynasty but they have to scramble for peanuts to upkeep equipment they already have? Somebody is not running this district the way integrity would run it. License to steal is written all over their land grabs. Enough is enough!

  3. Gee, Coffey? Is it any wonder that they cannot afford beach fees like everyone else!

  4. Oh and they don’t pay property taxes! If your going to run it like a business pay taxes like everyone else

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