Township Legal Fees for Andrew Gasser & Bob Miller

Published first by Illinois Leaks; republished here with permission.

Algonquin Township – Good for the “Gooch”, not for the “Gasser”

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –The local press appeared to take great pride in the Algonquin Road Districts budget slashing by the Township Board.

Andrew Gasser

The Township trustees took it upon themselves to not allow Gasser, the current Road Commissioner, to have the legal funds needed for his elected office.

Bob Miller

What should be of great interest to the taxpayers is the games being played by the Township Board and what appears to be a coordinated effort to make things tough on one elected official while helping out the past one, Bob Miller.

Thomas Gooch sent this letter January 5th, 2018 to the Township. The information in the letter and the action of the Township board paint a picture of collusion with Thomas Gooch.

“This bill encompasses the unpaid bill sent to you for October, along with November and December bills, which we did not bill until now due to the need to amend the budget.”

Five days later the Township Board amends the budget, as confirmed in the minutes found at this link.

So it appears, the Township Board will amend the budget to help get legal bills paid for Bob Miller but slash the budget for the very person trying to hold Bob Miller Accountable.

Good for the Gooch, not for the Gasser!

Even more disturbing, while the local press is making news on how the Road District legal Budget is slashed, they appear to have overlooked the fact the Township Board has increased their legal budget from $25,000.00 in the 2017-2018 budget (see page 7), to a whopping $250,000.00 for the 2018-2019 budget (see page 3).

That number is the very same number they refused to allow Gasser to have in his budget.

Again, Good for the Gooch, not for the Gasser!  

And there is so much more to come!

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Township Legal Fees for Andrew Gasser & Bob Miller — 28 Comments

  1. Everyone there with the exception of Rachel and Andrew should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY! How dare they continue to milk this township with their total incompetence! How do these fools sleep at night!

  2. Taxpayers got ‘gooched’ again!

    Thank you Supervisor Lutzow-Fatsow!

  3. Hey, wait a minute, I thought Pat Kenneally was Bob Miller’s atty.

  4. Agree with Cindy.

    All should resign immediately but Rachel and Andrew.

    They are the ridiculous money spending circus puppets with Miller holding the strings!

  5. Algonquin Township is awash in corruption.

    Rachel and Andrew have exposed it.

    But now comes the pushback from the SA’s office, TOI and Miller’s handpicked losers still posing as Alg. Township officials.

    According to them, nothing criminal ever happened!

    Shocking, and Kenneally has indeed betrayed everybody who once worked for him.

    Never again, Pat.

    Take that!

    “No man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community.”
    –Theodore Roosevelt


  6. Kenneally-Boy

    Oh, Paddy boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling,
    From LITH to Union, and down Algonquin side.

    Bobby’s gone, and all his stealing mounting,
    It’s you, it’s you must go and we must bide.

    But come ye back, when re-election’s in the meadow,
    Or when the County’s hushed white with snow,
    It’s We’ll be there in sunshine or in shadow,
    “Oh, Paddy boy, oh Paddy boy, We detest ye so!”

    But when ye come, and all the flowers are dyin’,
    Ye can’t say “Gee, I didn’t see nuthin’ wrong”
    ‘Cause if ye did, ye’d be utterly lyin’.

  7. Pat Kenneally did what??!!

    -Just got back from a graduation-vacation, and saw the the abdication.

    What more evidence does he need for a Grand Jury?

    Unfreakin’ believeable. Who/what scared him off?

  8. If bob and Anna returned everything they stole it would more than cover both sets of legal fees Ck every family members Home with search warrants
    There’s the solution

  9. This entire investigation falls on the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Department because the allege fraud was taken in their jurisdiction.

    Sheriff Bill Prim declines to investigate because he endorsed Robert Miller for Algonquin Township Road District Commissioner.

    Sheriff Bill Prim cites that the investigation would be a conflict of interest.

    The buck stops here my friends and this subject matter is closed without law enforcements involvement.

  10. Eric? Isn’t that tantamount to “I cannot do anything about anything possibly illegal about one of my friends.”?

    What if there was a mass murderer that happened to be someone I previously endorsed for something?

    How does that make any sense whatsoever?

    Aren’t they basically telling us that laws are for us to follow – NOT them?

    We don need no steenkin’ rules!

  11. From the link provided for the Jan 10, 2018 township meeting:
    “A motion was made by Lawrence, seconded by Shea to adopt the amended Road and Bridge Fund  Budget.  Discussion: None.   Roll Call Vote:  Shea, yes; Chapman, yes; Lawrence, yes; Lutzow, yes. Motion  carried.”
    So at that board meeting the board voted to increase the legal funds of both the township and the road dist.
    “Supervisor Chuck Lutzow’s office started the fiscal year with $250,000 in its legal fund and managed to stay under budget, spending $109,356 on attorney fees.
    The supervisor’s legal budget also will stay the same at $250,000.”
    Kirk or the NWH has a creditability problem when it comes to the Supervisor’s legal budget?     

  12. $478,892 in the past year, that’s how much Algonquin Township officials have spent on legal fees.

    100% of those legal fees relate to legal actions done at Andrew Gasser’s request.

    IMO Andrew handled the whole deal wrong, legal fees could of been way less had a different path been taken.

  13. You are forgetting the meeting fees and the use of the township attorney to answer Freedom of Information requests, I believe.

  14. Those fees are normal gov business that Chuck had budgeted for.

    Chuck or Bob didn’t budget for Andrew coming in and suiting everybody.

    The board corrected for Andrew in both budgets up till that point.

    Yes they lowered the future $$$$ which are mostly spent already it seems.

    Cal, Andrew handled the legal deal poorly, the judges keep ruling against him.

  15. Once again Nob gets it wrong. Sweeney v Algonquin Township Road District was started by local 150.

    Hence, it’s caption.

    That is the case where all Road Dist fees were incurred.

    Gasser incurred no fees on the case to account for the Road District assets and records.

  16. Gasser fired three union employees ass uming the union was illegal.

    Duh, that forced the union to suit him.

    Gasser action caused the other lawyers fees also. DUH.

  17. “100% of those legal fees relate to legal actions done at Andrew Gasser’s request.”

    Nob, There are at least 4 court cases that have absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Gasser.

    3 for over taxation (a 4th has already been ruled in favor of the taxpayers) and 1 (~16 count) FOIA violation.

    The over taxation cases are for the time frame Mr. Miller was commissioner. For as much as you appear to keep up with Township happenings, I’m surprised those slipped through your radar.

  18. Hopefully, the nob was subpoenaed to give his version of all of this because he is so very knowledgeable on all subjects concerning the township. Just ask him, he knows everything.

  19. Meghan, the over taxation lawsuits were from last years budget 2016/2017, not the 2017/2018 budget.

    Old news that really has nothing to do with the legal action going on now.

  20. Nob,

    “$478,892 in the past year, that’s how much Algonquin Township officials have spent on legal fees.”…

    So are we discussing legal fees or the legal budget?

    Unless the cases I mentioned were settled, bills from those cases continue to be presented for payment.

    Regardless of budget year.

    But you know that.

    Your 100% assessment is wildly inaccurate.

  21. That figure is from the lawsuits against Clerk/Miller and Union.

    Gasser didn’t have to suit Clerk/Miller, the Judge has ruled against him 3 times already I believe.

    Same with the Union, he shouldn’t of fired the three without proof the union was not legal.

    So since he took office, all the legal nonsense falls on his head for handling it poorly.

  22. Nob, so are you amending your previous statement to say that the $478,892 is not what the township has paid in legal fees, but what the township has paid in legal fees directly related to specific court cases?

    If so, what percentage of total legal fees is that figure? (If you know)

    Or what was the grand total of all legal fees last year?

    As for the case with the Clerk, that’s on Karen.

    All she had to do was agree to not seek a destruction order for 18 months.

    Instead she turned it into a pissing contest and racked up the fees.

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