Joe Walsh Seeks Help for His Wife Helene’s State Rep. Race

This popped into my inbox yesterday from former Congressman Joe Walsh:

A Personal Request from Joe WalshDear Friends,

I’ve got some really exciting news.

My lovely bride Helene was sworn in this past weekend to become State Representative from Illinois’ 51st District. She’s now an elected official. I guess that makes me a ‘first spouse.”

I’m so darn proud of her.

She’ll make a great independent Conservative representative.

Helene Walsh in in the foreground left talking to Donna Kelly at one of Irene Napier’s Pro-Life pig roasts. Her husband Joe and McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi chat in the background.

She’ll be a great citizen legislator. And she’ll make all of her constituents, and all of you proud.

We need your help.

Helene needs to also get re-elected this November.

We only have two months to go.

Like all the other great candidates Walsh Freedom supports, we need to work hard to help Helene win.

To that end, we are putting together a group of folks to walk the district this upcoming Sunday, August 26th.

We will walk precincts, knock on doors and give people yard signs. We want to blanket the entire district in one weekend.

Please join us. We’ll put in a few hours of door knocking and then come back for pizza and refreshments in our pole barn.

Contact Barb Babbey, Walsh Freedom Coordinator, to sign up and join us. She’s at 847-804-2112 or email her at

Thanks so much.

It would mean so much to Helene and I if you could come out this weekend and help her campaign launch. We only have two months to get this done.

Hope to see you Sunday,



Joe Walsh Seeks Help for His Wife Helene’s State Rep. Race — 8 Comments

  1. “She is now an elected official”, I think not. She was appointed as part of a backroom deal and therefore cannot be “re-elected” but stands for election. Was this letter intended to be misleading or just sloppy by the former congressman. The better strategy would have been to left this disgraced politicians seat open and let the people decide who should fill it. But then again, never let democracy get in the way of those who have an inside track based upon money and influence.

  2. Without a candidate on the Republican ballot, the Democrat would surely have won.

  3. Forget the money. Our sunshine blogger’s endorsement will suffice…to send her to retirement alongside with her lovely groom. Stay tuned…76 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  4. **Beautiful wife? So who’s picture is in the photo?**

    What is wrong with you? I dislike Joe Walsh as much as anyone, but this is completely absurd and unnecessary.

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