AP Calls 14th Congressional District for Lauren Underwood — 11 Comments

  1. Keep these numbers in mind for additional analysis of the 2018 General Election details when the data becomes available:

    Published number of registered voters in McHenry County for the 2018 General election: 238,290

    Published number of registered voters in McHenry County for the 2018 primary election earlier this year: 223,579

    Where did the additional 14,711 additional voters come from?

    Who are they?

    I wonder what the comparable numbers are in other Election jurisdictions in the state.

  2. Voter fraud! I knew you couldn’t trust these democrats. Reinstate Chamber-of-Commerce Roskam and low energy Hultgren…

  3. Hultgren didn’t seem to actually campaign.

    Aside from some very controlled appearances he seemed like he was hiding.

    I would have expected a rally or town hall every week.

  4. Out of Towner: they were brainwashed HS students and Section 8 relocates.

  5. Let’s protest in the streets to complain underwood isn’t my representative!

    Isn’t that how the crybabies acted after the last election?

    Let’s get somebody to run for this seat that will campaign and expose underwood for what she is, a liar.

    All of her campaign was based on claims of treating patients and looking into their eyes knowing they couldn’t fill their scripts.

    If only she had ever worked as a nurse.

    Don’t forget about her property taxes that she’s never paid!

    Please start campaigning now to unseat Underwear!

  6. I can’t believe it.

    She voted in Illinois in 2016, but she lived in DC?

    Isn’t that illegal?

  7. She is another Bean flash in the pan. Carsten is a flash in the pansy.

  8. I had not paid property taxes when I ran for County Treasurer at age 23.

  9. Cal, she’s 32 for God’s sake.

    She was imported back here and supported by Hollywood (who doesn’t care about our citizens).

    Fake nurse.

    Lied-never practiced.

    Commercials shot in a dentists ofc.

    Much like the fake drs in Obama’s press conferences about Obamacare Fake fake fake fake fake!

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