More Election Analysis from Commenter Mark

Our commenter Mark has taken another look at the election results and come up with the following:

Here is another look at the discrepancy between the Ballots Cast in McHenry County, and the votes for statewide offices in McHenry County, with statistics from this post:

The post has a screenshot of 115,332 ballots cast with a note that was as of 9:30AM on Wednesday November 7th.

The statewide office statistics are from some time prior to the first comment in the post, that being November 7th at 11:47AM (there was no date and time given for the statewide office statistics).

What follows is the number of McHenry County ballots cast, the McHenry County votes for each statewide office, and number (and percentage) not voting for the specified statewide office.

115,332 Ballots Cast – 91,028 Governor votes = 24,304 (21%.1%) not voting for Governor.

115,332 Ballots Cast – 90,933 Attorney General votes = 24,399 (21.2%) not voting for AG (I typed 23,399 in the 11/14/2018 at 4:06pm comment).

115,332 Ballots Cast – 91,203 Secretary of State votes = 24,129 (20.9%) not voting for SOS.

115,332 Ballots Cast – 90,658 Comptroller votes = 24,674 (21.4%) not voting for Comptroller.

115,332 Ballots Cast – 89,871 Treasurer votes = 25,461 (22.2%) not voting for Treasurer.


That high is 25,641 not voting for State Treasurer.

The low is 24,129 not voting for Secretary of State.

The difference between the high and low is 1,512 votes.

The average of all five is 24,429 (21.2%) of ballots cast did not vote for a statewide office.


A McHenry County press release included the following statement.

“McClellan discovered early Thursday afternoon that the county election website had not updated with early voting numbers.”


So the approximate 24,000 not voting for a statewide office was blamed on early votes not being counted.


However the actual number of early votes turned out to be 33,000 or more.

33,000 actual early votes – 24,000 early votes not voting for statewide office = 9,000 difference.

So further explanation is needed.

Has anyone specifically asked Mary McClellan or Jack Franks for a further explanation given this 9,000 difference?


Note, 9,000 early votes / 115,332 overall votes = 7.8%.


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    November 14, 2018

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