Over $600,000 from Lawyers for Jack Franks’ Campaigns

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog published the $1.1 million tally of campaign contributions from labor unions.

Today, compiled by a Friend of McHenry County Blog, a list of donations from fellow attorneys is published.   A number are lobbyists.

As you can see, the 2010 billboard is way out of date.

Simmons Attorney at Law $24,300 Alton IL
Simmons Hanly Conroy $20,800 Alton IL
Drost, George T & Beth J $4,000 Arlington Heights IL
Presbrey, Kim E. $1,950 Aurora IL
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP $3,000 Austin TX
Albert R. Pino and Donna Zadeikis-Pino Attorneys at Law $500 Barrington IL
Pfaff, Bruce R. & Deborah $7,750 Barrington IL
Goodhart, Bruce $250 Barrington Hills IL
Carey Jack Attorney at Law $550 Belleville IL
Goldenhersh $1,500 Belleville IL
Dorris Law Firm PC $10,000 Bloomington IL
Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. $18,150 Champaign IL
Albert F Hofeld Ltd Inc $250 Chicago IL
Amari & Locallo Law Offices $6,250 Chicago IL
Ancel Glink Diamond Bush et al $250 Chicago IL
Andrea A. Riala & Associates Inc. $500 Chicago IL
Anesi Ozmon Rodin Novak Kohen Ltd. $500 Chicago IL
Arnold G Rubin Ltd $750 Chicago IL
Baum Ruffolo & Marzal Ltd. $2,750 Chicago IL
Beermann Swerdlove Woloshin Barezky Becker Genin London $400 Chicago IL
Bowman& Corday LTD $200 Chicago IL
Briskman Briskman & Greenberg $350 Chicago IL
Bruce, Devon Atty Acct $250 Chicago IL
Castaneda, Johnn J. PC $200 Chicago IL
Clifford Law Offices PC $8,500 Chicago IL
Cooney And Conway $6,175 Chicago IL
Corboy Philip H Attorney at Law $7,475 Chicago IL
Cullen Haskins Nicholson & Menchetti P.C. $500 Chicago IL
Fletcher II LLC $200 Chicago IL
Fletcher, O’Brien, Kasper & Nottage, PC OPERATING ACCOUNT $3,725 Chicago IL
Friedman & Friedman LTD $250 Chicago IL
Ganan & Shapiro PC $3,750 Chicago IL
Gardner Carton & Douglas LLP $250 Chicago IL
Geleerd Law Group LLC $250 Chicago IL
Gifford, Geoffrey $250 Chicago IL
Goldberg Weisman & Cairo Ltd $1,025 Chicago IL
Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLC $500 Chicago IL
GreenbergTraurig $3,905 Chicago IL
Greg Furda P.C. $250 Chicago IL
Gurber McAndrews & Norgle LLC $200 Chicago IL
Hartigan & Cuisinier PC $1,450 Chicago IL
Haskins, Charles G Jr Attorney at Law $750 Chicago IL
Healy Law Firm $250 Chicago IL
Hegarty & Heath $3,050 Chicago IL
Hennessy & Roach, PC $1,000 Chicago IL
Henry Phillip Gruss LTD $800 Chicago IL
Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP $2,750 Chicago IL
Holland & Knight LLP $250 Chicago IL
John J Rock, Attorney at Law $500 Chicago IL
Johnson-Weinberger Dan Law Offices of $250 Chicago IL
Kaplan & Sorosky LTD. $200 Chicago IL
Kaplan, Howard Gordon $2,400 Chicago IL
Karchmar & Stone $200 Chicago IL
Karlin and Fleisher $625 Chicago IL
Kenneally, Patrick J. $500 Chicago IL
Knepper & Kibby PC $1,250 Chicago IL
Kurson, Reyes $2,500 Chicago IL
Ladden & Allen Chartered $450 Chicago IL
Laner Muchin, Ltd $750 Chicago IL
Lappe, Fred $2,000 Chicago IL
Latherow Jerry Law Offices of $250 Chicago IL
Latherow, Jerry A. $1,050 Chicago IL
Law office of James A. Knepper, PC $9,000 Chicago IL
Law Office of Robert Hanaford LLC $500 Chicago IL
Law Office of Tom Leahy $300 Chicago IL
Law Offices Of Amari & Locallo $250 Chicago IL
Law Offices of Michael A Kamys $250 Chicago IL
Law Offices Of Rubin & Norris, LLC $2,750 Chicago IL
Lawyers for Workers Rights $1,000 Chicago IL
Leahy & Hoste, Attorneys at Law $1,200 Chicago IL
Leinenweber Baroni Daffada, LLC $750 Chicago IL
Locallo, John G. $500 Chicago IL
Lupel, Warren $190 Chicago IL
Martay & Martay $200 Chicago IL
Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw LLP $5,600 Chicago IL
McMullen, Stephen, J. $250 Chicago IL
Michael Best & Friedrich LLC $300 Chicago IL
Morici Figlioli & Associates $3,900 Chicago IL
Motherway Glenn & Napleton $925 Chicago IL
Mullen Christopher PC $3,250 Chicago IL
Mullen P.C. Christopher $1,950 Chicago IL
Nemerovski, Steven H. $750 Chicago IL
Nicolay & Dart $1,750 Chicago IL
Pavalon & Gifford $100 Chicago IL
Pavalon, Eugene I. $500 Chicago IL
Peck Ritchey, LLC $35,000 Chicago IL
Phillips Law Offfices $1,300 Chicago IL
Power Rogers & Smith PC $25,300 Chicago IL
Power, Joseph Jr. $500 Chicago IL
Prindable, Thomas K. $250 Chicago IL
Quinlan & Crisham Ltd $500 Chicago IL
Reyes Kurson Ltd. $1,000 Chicago IL
Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC $500 Chicago IL
Roddy Leahy Guill and Zima LTD. $2,200 Chicago IL
Romanucci & Blandin LLC $300 Chicago IL
Romanucci, Antonio $500 Chicago IL
Rubin Law Group, Ltd $31,000 Chicago IL
Sarles & Ouimet $3,700 Chicago IL
Schain Burney Ross & Citron Ltd $1,750 Chicago IL
Scheinfeld, Joshua $10,300 Chicago IL
Schiller, Donald C and Eileen $3,700 Chicago IL
Sciaccotta John C. PC $250 Chicago IL
Shapiro & Schwartz $1,400 Chicago IL
Shapiro, James A. $700 Chicago IL
Shefsky & Froelich Ltd $9,000 Chicago IL
Smith, Todd A. $7,750 Chicago IL
Solovy, Jerold S. $1,200 Chicago IL
Stoller & Garstki $250 Chicago IL
Strom Neal B & Associats Ltd $550 Chicago IL
Teller Levit & Silvertrust PC $2,750 Chicago IL
Tetzlaff Law Offices LLC $750 Chicago IL
The Healy Law Firm $250 Chicago IL
Tierney Duffy Tierney & Assoc Ltd $300 Chicago IL
Tyrell Ross Attorney at Law $200 Chicago IL
Ungaretti & Harris LLP $4,349 Chicago IL
Vinson, Sam $3,042 Chicago IL
Weiss, James T $500 Chicago IL
Whipple, Benjamin $500 Chicago IL
Wiedner & Mcauliffe $500 Chicago IL
Wilhelm & Conlon Inc $200 Chicago IL
William J. Harte Attorney At Law $250 Chicago IL
Workers Compensation Lawyers Association $4,150 Chicago IL
Bishop PC James F $1,650 Crystal Lake IL
Coonen & Roth Ltd $200 Crystal Lake IL
Matuszewich Kelly & McKeever LLP $250 Crystal Lake IL
Rehberg Curt R. and Associates P.C. $165 Crystal Lake IL
Roth & Melei LTD $500 Crystal Lake IL
taradash, Randall M. and Mary $375 Crystal Lake IL
Zanck Coen & Wright P.C. $200 Crystal Lake IL
Simmons Cooper $12,800 East Alton IL
Golden Law Offices $200 Elgin IL
Konicek & Dillon, PC $1,000 Geneva IL
Baizer and Kolar P.C. $9,450 Highland Park IL
Glazer, Adam and Leslie $630 Highland Park IL
Pierce, Daniel M. $800 Highland Park IL
Knepper, James A. $250 Hinsdale IL
Wieher Alfred W Attorney at Law $3,300 Hinsdale IL
Newman, Robert T. $750 Homewood IL
Cherry, Myron $1,000 IL  
Law Offices of Laird M. Ozmon Ltd $250 Joliet IL
Momkus McCluskey LLC $500 Lisle IL
Perrecone, Frank A. $200 Loves Park IL
Franks Gerkin & Mckenna Pc $27,079 Marengo IL
Schmitt, Thomas W. & Filler, Jay K. Jr., Law Offices $1,700 Marengo IL
McAndrews Patrick J. Law Offices $200 McHenry IL
Popovich Thomas J Law Offices P.C. $950 McHenry IL
Taradash & Brammer $200 McHenry IL
Garstki, Steven E $500 Mt Prospect IL
Hassakis, Mark, Janet $1,250 Mt. Vernon IL
Hannigan, Richard D. Ltd. $15,100 Mundelein IL
Richard D. Hannigan LTD $500 Mundelein IL
Barr, Richard $1,000 Northbrook IL
Hebeisen, Keith A. & Jodi B. $19,900 Northbrook IL
Froelich, Cezar $450 Northfield IL
DeFranco Law Firm $2,450 Oak Brook IL
David B. Sosin, LTD $500 Orland Park IL
Durkin, Kevin P & Kathy L $750 Orland park IL
Walkup & Good Ltd $500 Palatine IL
Perlman, Joanne & Robert J Schott $400 Potomac MD
Awerkamp and McClain $250 Quincy IL
McClain,Michael F. & Lucinda $600 Quincy IL
Schostok, Michael and Mary S. $6,650 Redaction Requested  
Donald C Stinespring & Assoc $250 Richmond IL
Vincent R. Williams & Associates P.C. $250 River Forest IL
Greg Tuite & Associates $200 Rockford IL
Tuite Greg & Associates $500 Rockford IL
Tuneberg, James $2,000 Rockford IL
Storino Ramello & Durkin $4,950 Rosemont IL
Phillips, Robert S and Nancy $250 Spring Grove IL
Banc One Illinois PAC $500 Springfield IL
Flynn Neil Francis & Associates $1,200 Springfield IL
Forling Northrup Hanna Cullen and Cochran Ltd. $250 Springfield IL
Freeborn & Peters LLP $1,050 Springfield IL
Illinois Land Title Assn $1,250 Springfield IL
Illinois Lawpac $23,350 Springfield IL
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association $63,578 Springfield IL
Neil Francis Flynn, Attorney $250 Springfield IL
Sorling Northrup Hanna Cullen & Cochran LTD $8,125 Springfield IL
Taylor Uhe LLC $500 Springfield IL
Tillery, Stephen $500 St. Louis MO
Cates Mahoney LLC $250 Swansea IL
The Cates Law Firm LLC $250 Swansea IL
Decker & Linn Ltd $1,300 Waukegan IL
Salvi Schostok & Pritchard $7,800 Waukegan IL
Davi and Associates PC $750 Western Springs IL
Law Offices Of Gabric Millon & Ory Ltd $200 Wheaton IL
Rathje, S. Louis $1,500 Wheaton IL
Kamys Michael A. Law Offices $6,550 Wilmette IL
Hopkins & Goldenberg PC $500 Wood River IL
Gilmore, Carl W. $240 Woodstock IL
Giordano & Associates $1,000 Woodstock IL
Gitlin Law Firm $2,960 Woodstock IL
Loizzo & Loizzo Attorneys At Law $250 Woodstock IL
Poper Michael C. Attorney at Law $250 Woodstock IL
Weisz & Michling $4,500 Woodstock IL

If we added Ed Burke’s contributions from his Political Action Committee, the figure would be $9,050 higher.

So Franks has not indicated that he will give it to charity.

Or course, the Northwest Herald has not asked him the question.


Over $600,000 from Lawyers for Jack Franks’ Campaigns — 6 Comments

  1. Isn’t Rehberg disbarred for crimes for which he went to jail a few years ago?

    Besides, how far do you think $165 will get Jacko?

  2. No self-respecting person, let alone a lawyer should support Franks after his connection with Federally charged Ed Burke, FBI investigated Mike Madigan and the latest DemonRat to fall.

    Shouldn’t it be the other way around with Franks supporting the lawyers ? now that he’s been named as a respondent in the Tirio defamation case?

  3. Patrick J Kenneally in 2010; when Franks has a Republican opponent. Smh

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