Algonquin Township Appointing New Attorney

According to the Algonquin Township Board agenda for Wednesday night, an “appointment of outside counsel” will be considered.

In addition, there are four transfers of from one line item to another in the Road District budget:

  • $43,000 to the Maintenance Equipment line item
  • $3,000 to the Education & Training line item
  • $238 to the Maintenance Buildings line item
  • $20,000 to the Fuel & Lubrication line item


Algonquin Township Appointing New Attorney — 9 Comments

  1. Pray they do not make the same mistake that Grafton Township did.

  2. Stephen: I doubt Lutzow has the stones and that board only cares to have disputes with Gasser even if he is doing the right thing.

    So don’t get over the tips of your skis with too much hope.

  3. @Kirk Allen

    Good point.

    If Lutzow acted unilaterally and without legal counsel, he needs an attorney who can explain to him the worst question he can ask an attorney is “did I do the right thing?”, as the answer is rarely, “Yes”

    If he did it with advice from Kelly, they’d best be looking for two attorneys, er, make that two COMPETENT attorneys

  4. If as Kirk suggests that this is to have an attorney he has confidence in resolve the case why is the Township using Kelly?

    If Kelly is good enough for the Township why is he not good enough for Lutzow?

    Thinking some more on this point if Kelly isn’t good enough for Lutzow why does Lutzow keep Kelly around?

    Is it to bill for not doing anything?

    Is it like where Kelly billed the township for work on the union case that he isn’t even even litigating that case?

  5. Why would they need to hire another attorney to change the names of the road district funds.

    Another problem created by the dogs, Hanlon and Gasser.

    Just change the names and be done with it.

    I’ll wait for the circle jerk answer about how it just isn’t that simple and we need to spend thousands more rectifying this.

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