JB Pritzker Admits He Stands “Short and Squatty for Illinois”

Got to love a pollitician who canmake fun of himself.

JB Pritzker at his only publicly announced McHenry County appearance.

Read the last part of this story from Capitol Fax.


JB Pritzker Admits He Stands “Short and Squatty for Illinois” — 7 Comments

  1. Not to mention the camaraderie he’s fostering in the Capital bathroom stalls.

  2. This guy’s nickname should be the “toilet guy”. The guy who disconnected toilets in one of his big houses to lower his real estate tax bill.

    Just unbelievable, unreal the kinds of candidates and politicians of the Democrat Party both locally and nationally. Look at the goofballs running for president. Two women who scold and are nasty, Liz and Camala. Crazy Bernie who by his rhetoric would evolve our nation totally socialist and then communist. Dummy Joe who has a history of plagiarism, touching and kissing women, smelling women’s hair and making racist comments.

    And, many of the so-called presidential candidates would give free health care to illegal aliens and make it a misdemeanor to illegally come into our nation.

  3. The only thing I can find in the link is a story about DCFS.

  4. “Fatty Pritzk” …. I love it!

    He represents bloated, incompetent government in his very person!

  5. And yet, this stupid state elects this gas bag and many others like him!

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