Algonquin Township Board Refuses to Pay Road District Legal Bill

At laat Wednesday’s meeting of the Algonquin Township Board, there was a $170,684.77 bill from Road District attorney Robert Hanlon.

After again refusing to pay the $107,000 bill for road salt, Trustee Rachael Lawrence observed that the bill for attorney Robert Hanlon, who represents Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser, was “very large.”

She added that interest had been added.

“If we table this, it may result in more interest fees,” she said.

Attorney Jim Kelly argreed.

“If he has an agreement to require interest then [then interest would be OK], he said.

“I remember interest,” Trustee David Chapman said of the contract that the Board had approved.

“How can there be interest on bills that were never submitted?” Lawrence asked.

“I’m trying to be fair,” she added.

“Should we pay it?”

Chapman moved to “pull it,” then seemed to back off suggesting it be paid without the interest.

“We were expecting a big bill,” Lawrence said.

“One is dated Decmber 10, 2019; Is thate a future bill?”

Chapman then moved to “pullthelegal bills for separate consideration [holding them] over for a special meeting as soon as possible.”

The motion passed 3-0.


Algonquin Township Board Refuses to Pay Road District Legal Bill — 7 Comments

  1. So Cal: What kind of mess did they create?

    $170,000? at 10% its nearly $1500 per month.

    That Board sure knows what they are doing.

    Is there any meeting scheduled to pay this.

    What is Sippy cup’s response to this all?

  2. Who is ‘Sippy Cup’?

    Lutzow or Queen Lawrence?

    They both use soppy cups now.

  3. The nob and Millers sure are happy.

    From day one they set out to cripple Andrew Gasser with so many obstacles that cannot be overcome.

    Formatting and replacing hard drives.

    The clerk purposely delaying and hiding records and documents.

    The township attorney hiding legal documents and giving horrible advice.

    The supervisor being absolutely lazy.

    The board is a joke.

    This just looks like the board trying to drive a wedge between the Road District and the attorney.

  4. Line Ranger.

    Just as there is only one Tonto there is only one Sippy Cup!

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