Prediction: Mike Madigan Will Chair Reapportionment Committee — 9 Comments

  1. Cal’s right. Madigan will chair/run the Reapportionment Committee.

    Speaker Welch = Mike Madigan

    Put another way, if Madigan doesn’t resign his seat from the House, Cal’s prediction will come true.

  2. Yea, John, we definitely should take your predictions seriously.

    MJM is speaker now, right?

  3. Yup, he is.

    Just because it’s through Speaker Welch doesn’t mean he’s been stripped of his power.

    Madigan’s fingerprints will be all over the Remap, and likely the entire General Assembly.

    And have you seen Madigan step down as State Democratic Party Chair?

    Yup, he’s still speaker, not by name, but for all practical purposes.

  4. We’ll see.

    I bet MJM retires in the coming weeks, well before a map is done.

    And the Party Chair is meaningless without the corresponding power of the Speaker.

    It has no power.

    But go ahead and keep pretending that the words you say mean something completely different than they actually mean.

  5. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    All that has changed is the dermatological color.

    The DEMOCRATS have found a new and willing fool to pimp.

  6. ‘Bama said “I bet MJM retires in the coming weeks, well before a map is done”

    The reality is mad dog Madigan wants a low profile

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