McConchie Honors Memory of AJ Freund

From a Tweet from State Senator Dan McConchie:

Dan McConchie

As of April 1st, the appeals of the firing of DCFS employees Carlos Acosta & Andrew Polovin, both deeply involved in AJ Freund’s case, still have not been completed.

House Democrats’ Child Abuse Prevention Month poster.


McConchie Honors Memory of AJ Freund — 13 Comments

  1. Currently, there is a child abuse case in South Korea making worldwide news.

    The case of 16 month old Jungin who’s adoptive parents adopted her to receive additional funding from the Government for having an additional child. Additionally, the parents also adopted for the primary reason of abusing the child.

    The adoptive Mother has been diagnosed as a Psychopath.

  2. Virtue signaling to the public doesn’t excuse rank incompetence.

  3. you can honor him by being sure Acusta if Fired w/o pension! and never able to hold another Gov. job again.

  4. McConchie will do anything to make it seem like he’s doing something good or important.

  5. So desperate to get attention, that McConchie is.

    It must be boring being the leader of a non entity in Springfield.

    Attack your own base and your neighbors, that should get you some media accolades.

  6. More like, the Democrats are desperate to get attention.

    They will do anything to make themselves look like BIG FAT FOOLS!

  7. Acosta wants to make millions from being an incompetent which resulted in the murder of an innocent in his care.


    This idiot was directly responsible for the protection of a child the neighbors, police, doctors and SA’s office told him was in eminent danger.

    Acosta wants millions of dollars for being directly responsible for ignoring all signs and all the reports which resulted in the murder of a child.

    He should be felony prosecuted.

    Not rewarded with millions of dollars.

    If this idiot gets millions of dollars for the murder of a child under his care the entire organization he worked for is corrupted beyond redemption and should be dismantled wholly to the ground with everyone who worked there never able to work with or around children ever again.

    It feels evil to even think of Acosta and his organization of incompetents.

    Of course we reward people committing infanticide openly and proudly with hundreds of millions of public dollars so why not this guy?

    And politicians tweet pictures of “support” about it rather than burning those responsible at the stake.

    And people wonder where the idea politicians are sick pedophile satanists comes from….

  8. I gave McConchie $100 for his initial race. I still get fundraising pleas from that ass, even though I’ve sent back his drivel with “TAKE ME OFF YOUR SUCKER LIST” to no avail.

  9. McConchie is a weakling cuckservative. Dopey Dala, I ain’t no democrat.

    McConchie is a waste of time.

  10. McConchie takes up space.

    He needs to be purged.\

    His statement that Jan 6th was sedition are pure crap.

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