ID of Marengo Fire Death

From McHenry County Coroner Michael Rain:

On the morning of 05/01/2021, the McHenry County Coroner’s Office responded to a death investigation involving a residential fire in Marengo, IL.

Nicholas Andersen, 32 years of age and a resident of the property, was pronounced dead on scene.

An autopsy is scheduled for 05/04/2021.

The death remains under investigation by the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the McHenry County Coroner’s Office.


ID of Marengo Fire Death — 3 Comments

  1. Don’t smoke in bed.

    Don’t try and use gasoline as a grease solvent while smoking.

    Don’t cook meth in the basement.

  2. Resident of the property?

    Who else lives there?

    His mom?

    Where were the other residents the night of the fire?

    How about his ex girlfriend?

    Where did the fire originate?

    Outside, inside, what room, what floor?

    Where was he located?

    Autopsy wise, I’d try to find out if there was foul play (like being hit unconscious before an arson attack).

    Part of me could see him just being passed out after drinking some beer and a fire started in an accidental way, but foul play would not surprise me either.

    On one hand, I know the guy has had some bad luck with fire (just a few weeks ago he accidentally burned his beard off), but on the other it did sound like he had a bit of drama in his life and somebody might have had it out for him.

    Hope they take the investigation seriously.

    Let’s just say there have been some mysterious deaths in this county that didn’t get investigated properly.

    I knew this guy and was really sad to hear about it.

    It was only like a week ago that I saw him and then yesterday my friends told me he died in a fire.

    :/ It’s crazy.

  3. I hear people close to him are trying to figure out arrangements.

    There is something fundamentally MESSED up about not being able to see people close to you who died.

    It strips us of our humanity. And that is another goal of the scamdemic.

    Covid is fake and gay, and even it if weren’t we should still be able to have funerals.

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