Two Tadelman Mailings Hit Mailbox on Same Day

No campaign wants two of its mailings to arrive on the same day

But that’s what happened to the Robb Tadelman for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Sheriff at the Skinner household.

They appear below:


Two Tadelman Mailings Hit Mailbox on Same Day — 18 Comments

  1. LOL….Tadelman is stupid enough to PAY for mailers announcing the endorsements from people who are despised by the community.

    It’s basically, “Hey everybody, I’m endorsed by the SWAMP. Vote for me.”

    You might as well add Jack Franks, Joe Biden, and heels up Kamala to the list of endorsements.

  2. Crime has gone down because cops stopped being proactive due to poor leadership and anti-police rhetoric.

  3. Tadelman is clearly the better and stronger candidate.

    Tony ran away from the Nunda meet and greet once he found out he had to talk.

    Ditched out on We The People last night.

    They have the video and Facebook messages to prove it.

    If someone is too afraid to talk in front of a group or against their opponent they are not tough enough to be sheriff.

  4. It’s odd that Colatorti’s band of anti-semetic misfits have gone head over heals to link Tadelman to Franks (their both Jewish…so obviously part of the cabal) yet neglect to link Franks & Kenneally to the same “independent” sleep doctor that reccomended that the coroner no longer be an appointed position.

    Btw that sleep doctor had donated a sandman’s bag of cash to Colatorti.

  5. Jacob, you’re pretty joo-y.

    Tadelman is Rosemary’s baby.

    A sulphuric odor emanates from him. He tucks in a barbed tail.

    The Tadelman dumpster fire is getting hotter and hotter.

  6. Tadelrat supports mandatory vaxxing.

    Tadelrat has an army of goons.

    Send this jewish gangster a message.

    Do we really need another Jackaroo Franks in charge of our county when TSHTF?

    Tadelrat has already trashed the Constitution.

    Tadelrat loves the FOID FRAUD.

    Tadelrat loves the jewish overlord JB and his sanctuary state policy.

  7. Pretty Joo-y, That’s intelligent discourse from our chief county moron.

  8. What is the choice of the majority of County police officers? What do they say?

  9. I have spoken to 4 deputies and two corrections officers personally.

    They said they are for Tadelman.

    When I asked about the claim that 70-80% are for Colatorti they said that it is actually the opposite.

    That the small minority of officers are for Colatorti but they are the loudest.

    They said most of the officers just want to do their job and stay out of politics but will be voting for Tadelman.

  10. Why didn’t Tadel have an endorsement from PedoPyle on his mailer ?

    Can’t believe Lou supports a Prim pick.

    Having Eugene (passed over by Nygren and CLPD) and Lesbo Karen on your mailer is not any help.

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