Loaded Gun Found on Lake in the Hill Street — 8 Comments

  1. It sounds like 5-0 found a gun case with a loaded magazine inside.

    That’s hardly the same thing as finding a loaded gun.

    In most states anyone can buy all those things without any restriction, although an Illinois resident does need a FOID to buy/possess ammo in Illinois.

  2. Perhaps this was an innocent yet stupid mistake.

    The owner could have been a ccw permit holder who was utilizing the “safe harbor” provision of the law.

    There are areas where it is unlawful to carry a gun, but it is perfectly legal to go directly to your car’s trunk and unload your gun and place it in a case and lock it in your trunk. Such areas include court parking lots and the parking lots of businesses where firearms are prohibited.

    Someone might have retrieved his gun from his car’s trunk after visiting such a place and stupidly left the case with a loaded magazine on top of his car.

    He drives off and it falls in the street somewhere.

  3. Algonquin no longer investigates crimes.

    It’s too much of a tiresome chore for the overpaid Alg.

    Keystone Kops.

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