Karen Tirio’s Op-Ed Piece Makes The Center Square

From The Center Square:

Op-Ed: Illinois lawmakers must stop creating policies that harm small businesses, threaten jobs

  • By Karen Tirio

As a small business owner, I see firsthand the devastating impact high taxes, overly burdensome regulations, and lawsuit abuse have on our communities. Mom-and-pop shops are forced to close, basic goods become more costly, and thousands of families each year make the difficult decision to either endure emerging hardships or relocate to another state. In a time of high inflation and economic uncertainty, it is critical lawmakers work together to alleviate the harsh economic loads families in Illinois endure.

Excessive taxes and regulations hamper the future success of new businesses opening in our local communities. This is already abundantly clear to many. Compound this with excessively frivolous lawsuits and the burden small business families are forced to grapple with can become suffocating. Fixing the issue of lawsuit abuse plaguing our state is something that would benefit everyone. Abusive lawsuits wreak havoc on Illinois’ economy and disrupt the lives of countless individuals. The need to address this problem ought to take center stage in our town squares.

While our civil justice system is meant to right certain wrongs, our state’s legal policies leave the door wide open to indiscriminate legal actions that contradict the true meaning of justice. State laws give self-motived trial attorneys free rein to conceive and initiate their own legal action on undeserving businesses. On top of this, the largest percentages of a settlement in many cases are carved out to the lawyers themselves, with pennies left for the actual plaintiffs. As these certain firms shop around faux controversies to enrich themselves, the consequences not only affect undeserving business owners and plaintiffs, but the prices of goods on the shelves, competition, consumer access, job stability, and much more.

A recent economic impact report indicated that Illinois families pay nearly $2,100 more every year for goods and services due to lawsuit abuse. Furthermore, more than 170,000 Illinois jobs are lost every year because of this. When businesses are forced to pay hand-over-fist to defend themselves, even when the lawsuit against them lacks merit, prices go up and employees get laid off. Employees and local consumers should not have to stand for that.

Findings like these should send a shockwave across our state and motivate our leaders to act. Instead, many lawmakers in Springfield are continuing to encourage the destructive nature of frivolous lawsuits when we need to be doing the opposite. Our economy is already suffering enough from the high cost of owning a business. Commonsense legal reforms would give job-creators a much-needed reprieve from the constant threat of frivolous lawsuits.

By ending the carve outs for trial lawyer interest groups, family-owned businesses can thrive and positively impact our local communities. We can fight inflation, protect jobs, and bolster the competitiveness of the market. If we finally get these priorities in line, we can lighten the load of economic hardship before the final straw breaks the camel’s back.

Karen Tirio is the president of Monarch Senior Care in Woodstock, IL.


Karen Tirio’s Op-Ed Piece Makes The Center Square — 10 Comments

  1. Democrats always have and always will, find a way to inflict damage on small business.

    This idiotic Greenhouse Gas Disclosure for everyone up and down the value chain, warrants a Brown Shirt Nazi Punch to any Climate Change nitwit you come across.

  2. And here I read the headline and was hoping it was about how Dominion and ES&S are used to cheat or how ERIC electronic voter roll management is corrupt or how Konnech Inc is connected to the CCP.

    Lo and behold it’s whining about regulations that are imposed by the crooks that get [s]elected by the cheating her husband oversees and refuses to acknowledge.

    Good job Karen. You’re a good little RINO.

  3. Oh BTW, don’t worry, H.R. 8770 introduced yesterday will cover the cheating when we finally get rid of the machine method of cheating.

    Read what the Dems just introduced on the floor.

    You now know why the borders are always wide open and the Dems and RINOs that want to stay in power like it that way.

  4. How does this op-ed help her husband’s reelection campaign, steve?

    It doesn’t mention Joe Tirio.

    It doesn’t mention Karen’s relation to him.

    It’s not about county clerks, and county clerks don’t have much to do with regulating businesses (the subject of this article) anyway.

    It’s not in a local newspaper either.

    It only helps Joe Tirio vicariously by spreading a general message of “Democrats are bad for business” since he’s a Republican, but that’s a stretch given the aforementioned points plus the fact that Center Square is mostly read by Republicans to begin with.

    Even if your comment had merit, what would be the problem?

    Politician’s wife wants her husband to win election.

    How is that the behavior of a “hack”?

    It seems normal.

    Maybe next you will tell us Joe Tirio is a hack because he too wants people to vote for him.

  5. Correcting. You forgot Dems and RINOs are bad for business. Joe has proved he’s the latter.

  6. Ummm, perhaps the last name, “Tirio” is an indication?!?


    Besides, as you eluded, the rag is primarily read by republicans, thus many know of her.

    Both of them, win or lose, will retreat after the election, until the next cycle.

    Strange, how they, “represent the people” during the general, however, in 6 weeks you will never hear from them again.

    That until the next ribbon cutting, wing addition at the library, new oil change place, etc.

    C’mon, at least make an effort to remain coherent…next.

  7. I’ll try to be more coherent: If Center Square is primarily read by Republicans — which we agree it is — then those people are going to vote Republican regardless of recognizing and remembering the name Tirio.

    Which Center Square consuming Republican voter was not going to vote for Tirio until they read this letter?

    Who said anything about them “represent[ing] the people”?

    Joe’s job is mostly administrative, and Karen did not say those words in the letter.

    Is Karen wrong for believing the state could do better in terms of the economy?

    Illinois consistently ranks poorly in terms of unemployment and its overall tax burden is quite high.

    I’m sure you can find better criticisms of Tirio than being upset that his wife wrote a letter having nothing to do with the county clerk race.

    In the meantime, just say you don’t like Joe Tirio and would rather see Mary Mahady elected.

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