Lakewood RedTail Clubhouse Cart Before the Horse – Part 2 – Approving Plans Before Financing

It is pretty obvious that the ruling faction on the Lakewood Village Board have decided to build a new clubhouse for the Village-owned Redtail Golf Course.

The Trustees authorized soil borings at last week’s Board meeting.

And Tuesday, the Planning and Zoning Commission is holding a special meeting to consider the floor plan and exterior of a new clubhouse, the financing of which has not been revealed.

Specifically, the agenda reads:

“Presentation and Consideration Concluding with Recommendations to Forward to Board of Trustees Regarding Approval Defining Certain Areas within the RedTail Clubhouse RFP.”

But when will the financing plans be revealed?

Because of the debacle resulting from the issuance of Alternative Revenue Bonds in the early 1990’s by a previous Village Board, that non-referendum financing instrument is toxic.

Nothing like having to fork over an extra $500 or so a year to pay the costs of the bond repayment when the Village golf course fell woefully short of bringing in enough money.

But, hiding out there is still another non-referendum borrowing scheme called “Debt Certificates.”

If the golf course doesn’t bring enough money for the guaranteed repayment, guess what will happen?

You got it.

Property taxes will have to be increased to raise the money.

No wonder Village officials don’t want to give any advance warning of this threat to homeowners.

There is another alternative that could such a future burden on the backs of those with the most at stake.

That would be a Special Service Area taxing district for those who would directly benefit.

Those folks would be people owning homes near the golf course.

But, a Village Board majority seems most likely to put any future burden on every homeowner in Lakewood.

Here’s the proposed floor plan:

Note that the banquet hall, renamed an “event center,” is now labeled a “general purpose room.”

This appears to be about 63 feet by 106 feet, or about 6,700 square feet, or 40% bigger than the current clubhouse.

The front is proposed to look like this:

Front elevation of the foregone conclusion RedTail Clubhouse.

The south and back sides of the decided-upon RedTail Clubhouse with outdoor seating, but not umbrellas yer.

The planning for the new clubhouse is quite detailed, pretty much ready to go out for bid:

Laminate in all areas except Event room
Event room – center laminate with carpet surround for sound
Solid core, kickplates, ADA compliant
Storage room doors with keypad locks
Barnwood in bar/grill area
Motion/timer lights for auto-shut off
Hand dryer
(3) compartment sink
Hand washing sink
Utility sink
Hot water heater
Food warmer
Flat top
Cooler-how many
Freezer-how many
Ice machine
Ice storage
Audio/Video requirements
SAFE in back office
Ceiling power for possible simulator
Alarm system
Cameras at entrances, Pro Shop, Bar/Grill area
Composite Siding
Faux stone on corners
Metal Roofing
Standing seam metal roofing must have concealed fasteners, a Kynar 500 finish or
comparable and a maximum two-inch deep drip edge so it does not cover the entire fascia board. Or
Dimensional asphalt shingles
Additional lighting required. Reference Village Code Chapter 17, section 14.12
Pavers, stamped concrete?
Waiting on final recommendation from tent vendor

= = = = =

Village Trustee petitions are available at Village Hall.

Similarly, petitions for all other municipalities can be obtained from their offices.


Lakewood RedTail Clubhouse Cart Before the Horse – Part 2 – Approving Plans Before Financing — 4 Comments

  1. This Village Board and it’s Red Tail pals, have made a very good case for themselves.

    That everyone involved in the actual planning and execution of this fiasco, should be shitcanned, sent packing and never allowed near a position of authority again.

  2. Meanwhile, their PD looks like a modern day eyesore.

    This Village is full of idiots.

  3. This village is a poster-child for an uprising of taxpayers to storm their meetings and take over the board!

    (Just like some concerned parents did at school board meetings!).

    And bring friends AND the media!

    Get a plan to replace each one of them involved and vote these shameful idiots out but in the meantime lean on them so hard they quit!

    If YOU don’t watch over your money, others will and they’ll take it any way they can!

    Special deals, freebies, all on YOUR dime!

    If you’re okay with that, keep sitting on the couch and don’t complain while they rob you blind. $$$$ down the toilet for vanity sake!

    You went thru this before (Erin Smith)!

    Get off the couch or get the government you deserve!

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