NWH Reports Lake in the Hills “Kid-Friendly’ Drag Queen Show Bakery Raises $34,000 through GoFundMe Campaign — 114 Comments

  1. Why reopen the store, she now has 34k and probably much more coming and should open a red-light district right next to the Village Hall so their Village President can keep and extra eye on them so they don’t her burgled.

    Not the same red light scam the cities opened up to pilfer the public.

  2. So she may keep the money and pay bills.

    That’s the purpose of a business.

    You make a product, you sell the product, you pay the bills and employees.

    You don’t have fundraisers to keep businesses afloat.

    Anyone that donated money is an idiot and they deserve to have been robbed by this crook of a business owner.

  3. ‘You load 16 cakes, what do you get’?

    Another day older and deeper in debt’

    St Peter don’t you…..oh that’s right, umm never mind.

  4. NWHerald, along with the bakery owner and her followers STILL refuse to acknowledge that people are NOT targeting her because she’s sympathetic to LGBTQ.

    They are simply against drag shows exposing kids to overtly sexualized, obscene performances.

    Suzanne Ness was shown the undercover videos of the obscene performances but rallied to bail out this establishment anyway.

    What does THAT tell you about her?

    What does this tell you about the NWHerald?

    They are leaving very important elements of the story.

    What does that tell you about their credibility? No wonder they’re failing.

    The county health dept. inspections of this bakery are shameful too. An example of someone concentrating on smut rather than elementary things such as ‘hand washing’, gloves, etc.

    According to her former employees she’s an abuser and a scammer. Many of the comments can be read here:

    Also, I find it interesting that the vast array of her performers haven’t ‘come out’ to support her or her establishment. Curious..

    The ADL says she doesn’t have to return the money donated even if she decides to close. This sounds coordinated to me. Investigators are on it. We shall see.

    Read the comments under that FB article.

    Very telling.

    And to the people that keep donating to her failing cause = You’re stupid, you deserve to lose your money.

    Talk about a bad bet!.

  5. “Kid-Friendly’ Drag Queen Show Bakery”

    Cal still pandering to the haters.

    In case your Alzheimer’s is progressing old man, it’s the Uprising Bakery.

    Must be hell getting old and trying to stay relevant.

  6. I think we should give Cal and everyone here a big round of applause!

    Without your support and dedication this might not have been possible, but you kept fighting and pushing this issue into the spotlight and raising awareness to get this bakery the community support it needs to succeed.

    Job well done everyone, we did it!!

  7. “They are simply against drag shows exposing kids to overtly sexualized, obscene performances.”

    Wouldn’t that be up to the parents to decide?

    You all scream for your personal freedoms but want to deny it to others.

  8. Where was Kenneally during all of this child grooming? Jacking off and prancing around in women’s lingerie most probably. I mean just look at that multi chin, balding and pear shaped dipshit in my opinion.

  9. If you don’t like drag shows, don’t go to drag shows.

    If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married.

    What I do like are bakeries, so here is my review:

    Riverside in McHenry is still great.

    They are the old school bakery we’ve always known.

    Swiss Maid in Woodstock and Harvard were great, but are gone.

    Last night at the Woodstock City Council candidates forum, a current council member mentioned it as one of the empty square storefronts, and said the current owner is not doing anything actively to open it.

    Also on the square is El Tepayac, a couple doors down from where Swiss Maid was.

    It is a Mexican bakery, so you go in, take a tray and tongs, and take what you want from the glass cases, then bring the tray and tongs to the register, where they ring you up.

    Besides the traditional Mexican panederia offerings, they have donuts and cookies.

    They are open long hours, they speak English, their offerings are delicious, and they are friendly.

    Country Donuts in Crystal Lake is always good: good coffee, dependably great donuts.

    Twin Lakes, WI has a good bakery downtown.

    Other than coffee, Duncan Donuts isn’t worth stopping for.

    The donuts are crap.

    If you go to Canada, same thing with Tim Horton’s.

    Even Canada geese won’t eat their donuts.

    And Uprising.

    They have regular and gluten-free options.

    Their cupcakes and donuts are great.

  10. This wretched person must be prevented from opening up a child day care center.

  11. This wretched person must be prevented from opening up a child day care center.

    Well, she’s a baker.

    So I don’t think that’s a concern that was on anyone’s mind but thanks for thinking ahead…I guess.

  12. LOL Cal.

    You got the usual mchenry county liberals foaming at the mouth again today

  13. Hey gupta shouldn’t you be answering customer complaint phone calls somewhere?

  14. As long as racists have chimed in, this is a good time to point out that a south Asian kid just won the McHenry County spelling bee, and a black kid just won the Kane County spelling bee.

  15. Gupta are you upset you can’t just beat her to death like they do in India.

  16. its nice to see that the morbidly obese still have a voice.

    Make shitty baked goods, get gay-married, most of us dont care.

    But leave the kids alone, sounds like there are some people who still would like the community to have some standards.

    If we dont speak up, at some point the insanity will be “normal”

  17. “But leave the kids alone…”

    That’s the problem with the minions.

    They can’t “Leave them kids alone” to quote Pink Floyd.

    cal has had a “kid obsession” for years.

    He loves going to Disney World with his camera in hand to “find interesting kids” to take pictures of as he wonders aimlessly around.

    He goes to parades for the same reason.

    He just can’t quit it, just like the boys in Broke Back Mountain.

    Once a groomer…always a groomer.

  18. Are food preparers supposed to wear a total cap, plastic or cloth, over their hair and head so that no pieces of hair float into the food?

  19. Tom leaves out the “hey teacher, leave those kids alone”.

    Cal you now have the foaming at the mouth crowd calling you a groomer now for continuing to expose the perversion taking place in your neck of mchenry county.

    It’s good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. LOL.

  20. Raised $34k and closing down?

    Nut Sac had best return it as that would be criminal but I doubt that Kenneally would do anything other than grab his ankles. Cue the ‘UpRising’ logo.

  21. this stupid broad and all her contributors are all perverts and pedophiles….

    I wonder if all their names will be published

    worst part is they will probably count the donation as a tax right off

  22. Yet JT can’t help himself from commenting on all these bakery articles. Total toolbag.

  23. Takes one to know one Lil Joey. Only difference is I’m not serving men and their toolbags on Halsted with your beasties Monk and Porkboy every weekend.

    You should help Porky with his milking service in Uprising kitchen. They have a new cream filled roll Porky is working on.

  24. Mr. Martin seems like a democrat.

    That means he’s naive, stupid, crooked, vile, hateful, degenerate or silly.

  25. Is your “seem” based on the fact that I don’t use insults in place of evidence in what I say?

  26. A classic minutes after reply from the most interesting man in the world, JT. Spends his day hitting refresh on a county blog and smelling his finger after its scratches his butthole. Bravo.

  27. Dear Penthouse Forum, I know this going to sound like a crazy fantasy but every word is true.

    I met her in her bakery and she was so pasty and white like a loaf of bread dough. When I touched her it left indentations, that I thought would last for days….click here to my GoFundMe to continue….

  28. Mmmm, well if readings a challenge, then how bout a video of an incredibly dumb smoke show blonde, making spaghetti in my kitchen in her bikini? DJ GoFundMe click here….

  29. LOL says little Joey who is now known as Twinkie. Congrats sport. Where’s the Ho Ho and Ding Dong? You tend to travel in packs. ROFLMAO

  30. LOL. Coming from a guy that needs a viagara to get it up to shoot a load of dust in his sex doll is PRICELESS. Good job ding dong monkeypox. Keep punching sport. Maybe your dust shooting pals twinkie and ho ho will come to your rescue.

  31. Please copy and paste the text of what you want us to see, Oak Harp.

    FB requires login and some of us don’t have accounts.

    Or screenshot and send photos to Cal.

  32. Sac is supposedly lining up Kenneally to lead a ‘Bozo Circus’ type grand march\jerk off to end the UpRising Bakery. Funny how he said nothing regarding child grooming and likely either a supporter of this perversion and his benefactors are.

  33. The above comments tell all one needs to know about who will protect children and those who
    favor the child molesters.

  34. No. They said they are closing IF they don’t hit 30 thousand in fundraising.

    As of a few days ago they had exceeded the goal by raising 34 thousand (it’s probably higher now) and the owner is now saying she is still trying to figure out whether the business will stay open or not.

    An announcement is expected at the end of the month.

  35. “The above comments tell all one needs to know about who will protect children and those who
    favor the child molesters.”

    This has been another episode of “Bitchin with Abe.” Todays episode is titled “Could I be more out of touch with reality?”

  36. Are children at risk for sexual abuse by homosexuals?
    C Jenny et al. Pediatrics. 1994 Jul.
    Show details



    Objective: To determine if recognizably homosexual adults are frequently accused of the sexual molestation of children.

    Design: Chart review of medical records of children evaluated for sexual abuse.

    Setting: Child sexual abuse clinic at a regional children’s hospital.

    Patients: Patients were 352 children (276 girls and 76 boys) referred to a subspecialty clinic for the evaluation of suspected child sexual abuse. Mean age was 6.1 years (range, 7 months to 17 years).

    Data collected: Charts were reviewed to determine the relationships of the children to the alleged offender, the sex of the offender, and whether or not the alleged offender was reported to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

    Results: Abuse was ruled out in 35 cases. Seventy-four children were allegedly abused by other children and teenagers less than 18 years old. In 9 cases, an offender could not be identified. In the remaining 269 cases, two offenders were identified as being gay or lesbian. In 82% of cases (222/269), the alleged offender was a heterosexual partner of a close relative of the child. Using the data from our study, the 95% confidence limits, of the risk children would identify recognizably homosexual adults as the potential abuser, are from 0% to 3.1%. These limits are within current estimates of the prevalence of homosexuality in the general community.

    Conclusions: The children in the group studied were unlikely to have been molested by identifiably gay or lesbian people.

  37. “Pokorny – stop the racist crap.”
    Why, you don’t call anybody else out.

  38. Thanks for some actual evidence-based, easily reviewed research, Jeff. Most of the Cal-iphate are off to the next shouting match, but expect any contrary response to include a link to utoob or an editorial.

  39. Christians, cover your eyes and ears!

    We know you don’t want to look within, but if you REALLY care about the safety of the children, the groomers are amongst YOU! The church has hundreds of years of experience grooming your kids right in front of your faces and YOU LET IT HAPPEN in the name of “god”… with faithful smiles on your faces.

    As of 2009, 5,768 catholic priests have been accused of sexual abuse.

    Clergy and other staff within the Protestant Church have seen an average of 260 accusations of sexual abuse per year between 1987 and 2007.

    Lutherans have had to deal with accusations of child pornography, sexual abuse, and rape.
    Brooklyn’s Haredi Jewish community has come under scrutiny several times for failing to report cases of abuse.

    The Southern Baptist Church has seen hundreds of accusations of abuse by clergy.

    The Mormon Church has also had its fair share of accusations of abuse and was even linked to covering up sexual assault within the Boy Scouts of America.

    A 2020 report on the Anglican Church found that the church consistently failed to properly respond to victims of abuse and, in some cases, even worsened their trauma.

    Where are the torch and pitchfork mobs going after the churches? – the real threat!

  40. Not close enough to home for you?

    Lake Zurich pastor reinstated after investigation into child sex abuse allegations (2023)

    In 2006, a Crystal Lake man confessed to the leaders of his church that he was sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl.
    It was not that confession, however, that McHenry County Judge Mark Gerhardt considered when convicting the two church elders of violating the state’s mandated reporter law.

    Former McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Sentenced To 50 Years In Federal Prison For Child Sexual Abuse And Exploitation

    The pastor of an Elgin church has been charged with battery after it was alleged that he repeatedly used a piece of wood to discipline a 12-year-old girl.
    Police said the girl’s mother took her to the pastor because she doubted the girl’s claim that she was being sexually abused by another man.

    New List Names Accused McHenry, Kane County Clergy Among Hundreds
    The list far outnumbers the roughly 200 priests identified by Catholic dioceses and says it shows the “horrifying scale” of abuse.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses elders guilty of failure to report sexual abuse of 6-year-old girl

    Child Pornography Allegations

    Cupich: Father Michael Pfleger removed while another investigation is launched into a child sex abuse allegation

    Still covering your eyes when it comes to the abuse in front of your faces while you point at innocent people just because you don’t understand or relate to them and their differences? Yeah, “status quo” Christians, that’s what I thought.

  41. Jeff thats a pretty old study from a proven corrupt NIH run by Fauci who’s wife oversaw him for ethics.

    Culture has changed over 30 years. Isn’t this the same NIH that said taking an unproven mRNA jab would prevent you catching a fake disease and would be good for you?

    The perversion in this world has exploded in 30 years. Could they be trying to normalize pedophilia? Parents that take kids to the clown, sorry drag, shows are not fit to be parents.

    I also find it funny that our resident lobbyist decided to post. Hey Dave Lowitzki Consulting didn’t you lobby and help pass perverted lifestyle statutes in IL. If I recall your website said you were very proud and seemed to brag about this before you pulled it down from the internet.

  42. People like Jeff are so brainwashed they actually believe sites like NIH. LOL LOL LOL and WikiPedia! They are PART of the chaos machine! Who do you think shut down the WHOLE WORLD?????? People really need to do their own digging and stop relying on fact-check sites that are there to KEEP you in your cognitive dissonance. Wake UP!

  43. I stand corrected Dave. I see you edited your AboutUs page and removed reference to lobbying to murdering the unborn and raising taxes on IL residents. Why is that Dave? Are you no longer “proud” of your work pushing murdering the unborn?

  44. But Cindy SNOPES is real. LOL. Ask the pervert liberal running it that left his 1st wife for a stripper. Seems like a real trustworthy source just like Google and Wikipedia. LOL again

    Now Wikileaks is a different story. If it gets DC bureaucrats foaming at the mouth then Assange is definitely over the target. A truth teller is like garlic to a vampire.

  45. I’d provide you with all of the medical and scientific evidence from the beginning of the research until now and you’ll dismiss it all if favor of your beloved bigotry – you’ve made my point for me. It’s you. You’re the problem.

  46. I’m a bigot for not accepting perversion? You seem like a highly tolerant person. Not. Back then it was as a joke. Today it is full blown grooming to normalize pedophilia. I trust you understand the difference. If not I can’t help you. It’s the same as blackface. That was for humor too. I believe you have succumbed to your lifelong psy op.

  47. JT is in deep denial 🤣🤣🤣

    “It’s ok when Reagan does it”
    It’s only different in your head dude. It’s the same goofy art form.

    Hold tight to those pearls you’re clutching for dear life.

    …talk about brainwashing 🙄

    (And now the racist attempts to pull a race card because their argument is shit🤭)

  48. Cindy. I agree. Jeff is another well informed citizen that can’t compute humor vs pervert grooming. Another reason the left can’t meme. Go back to Jimmy Kimmel, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and that creepy CNN couple on in the morning.

    You obviously don’t get it Jeff. Humor v Grooming. Think

  49. Aww it’s Cindy thinking she’s the proper authority to discern what is appropriate for others. How cute.

    If you could discern the difference between humor and grooming you’d leave the church, and see a drag performance, Cindy

  50. Common sense and critical thinking skills are what I use Jeff. Creepy homosexual men twerking in front of young children and exposing their genitals is humor how?

  51. Oh yes, all the “common sense” you have that outweighs all scientific and medical peer reviewed academic studies. Those “critical thinking skills” that put your negative feelings about homosexuality above fact. I suppose Elvis shaking his pelvis was pornographic too? For Christ sake, you can’t even see your own hypocrisy through your bigotry.
    And yes, it’s bigotry to hold the belief that gay people want to molest or “groom” children. It’s one of the oldest anti-gay tropes there is. And has been proven to be false.

  52. Some of you might benefit from a quick lesson:

    1. to make someone believe something by repeatedly telling him or her that it is true and preventing any other information from reaching him or her.

    2. a forcible indoctrination to persuade by propaganda or salesmanship

    Example: Cults and religious leaders often use such tactics to convince people they are the only path to happiness or even god.

    1. to teach someone, especially using the formal system of a school, college, or university

    2. teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment

    Example: Someone who teaches students about particular subjects, usually in a school or university, educates them. Kind of like what I’m doing here for you right now.

    So next you use the words you can use them properly. Hopefully, you’ll have a glimpse of understanding that you may have some un-brainwashing to do. Here’s a hint: actual peer reviewed studies, medical facts, and science are the antidotes. You CAN unpoison your brain.

    Best of luck to you.

  53. Wow. You’re a live one Jeff quoting peer reviewed and scientific studies. Got it. Why would your expert peer reviewed studies in the New England Journal of Medicine suppress the use of antineoplastons as a cure for many forms of cancer including brain cancer? How about FBZ? Who took over every medical school in the US in the 1930s?

    Are these the same medical professionals you refer to? Who created another fake virus called HIV?

    I guess I am a hypocrite and a bigot. Some people when uninformed turn directly to a corrupt bureaucracy for your approved narrative. I love it. Twerking scantily clad men dressed as women in front of impressionable young children and disagreeing with your lifestyle does not make one a bigot or hypocrite.

    Your lifestyle is the minority which has appropriated the civil rights movement to push your clearly perverted lifestyles. How many genders are there again?

  54. So Jeff, which part of this is not true? Cue theme from Final Jeopardy

    Really think about what the Left does to your children from their first day in government schools at 6-years-old. Keep in mind, these are just innocent little kids but the Left doesn’t give AF – let the brainwashing begin.

    1) They force them to wear masks until they believe the very air they breathe is poison and turn them into hypochondriacs.

    2) They cram the global warming BS down their throats and scare TF out of them telling them the world is going to end in 12 years.

    3) They use critical race theory to guilt white kids into believing they’re evil just for the color of their skin.

    4) They put books out for kids, in freaking elementary school, that illustrate BJ’s, drag shows, and they can’t stop talking about sex, sex, sex, 24/7.

    Let’s face it, your children don’t have a prayer in government schools anymore.

    Home school or do anything possible to keep your innocent children from these evil demons on the left.

  55. The “Wow” is all yours JT, for denying the existence of AIDS amongst the rest of that half-baked rant.

    I’m so glad to expose your ignorance to anyone else who might read your past or future comments. So they know how utterly ignorant of a (may I assume “man”?) they are dealing with. May they disregard your bigoted opinions as the ravings of a window licker, or enjoy knocking on the glass to see you stir, as I do. 😂

  56. I’m NOT in ANY church. I still see that you are trusting in all the bullshit that has come from the brainwashing. Aids was indeed a scam. You have MUCH to learn. Following your “documented” (LIARS) will get you deeper into your entrenched trauma-based mind control. What part of “you were lied to!” do you NOT understand? You have totally lost your argument when you start saying that people that speak truth are bigoted. You got that gem tactic from your indoctrination. How does it make you feel to be used like a puppet?

  57. Bless your little heart Cindy.

    it’s not an argument.

    I have facts and science while you have opinions and bigotry.

    Your “truth” is relative to your only to your personal experience and is not universally excepted or able to be scientifically proven.

    Believing it is, is a delusion.

    I’m sorry for your trauma and the perverted imaginings that you’re projecting onto people that you obviously know nothing about and certainly can’t relate to.

    You need to understand that as an adult in society, just because you don’t like or understand a certain group of people doesn’t mean you can run around accusing them of things you wish they were guilty of to get rid of them.

    The perversions you accuse innocent people of only reflect your deeper self and the people your affiliate yourself with.

    I hope you escape your cult some day.

    Happy to expose you anytime! 😆

    Peace out, Cin

  58. LOL Cindy. Don’t hurt his psy op’d brain and make him go away. Jeff already proved he’s a liberal and is on the buzzword train on the MSM. Jeff can you please explain Project Mockingbird to the masses. How about DARPA.

    Just so you know Google will only give you the truth they want you to believe but I suspect you already knew that didn’t you.

    I have to say you got an LOL out of me. Trump is on Newsmax in WACO shortly Jeff. Maybe you should watch and learn how normal people behave. What does WACO, TX and Hillary Clinton have in common? Could it be pedophelia?

    My god Cindy this group of people are 100% blue pilled.

  59. You have NOTHING, Jeff. You have the word of the LIARS!!! Wake the freak up!

  60. Also, the word you wanted was ACCEPTED NOT excepted! LOL 🤡 I accused NO ONE of any perversions. You seem to have a real inability to accept truth. (Along with not knowing the English language!)

  61. Oh, guys, one more thing: ☝️

    Denying reality & denying facts does NOT make your fantasy world true. It makes you delusional, or a liar at best (if you don’t truly believe your own BS). People around you think you’re either nuts or a jerk. Regardless, you should know the gaslight isn’t working.

  62. Wait!
    Did Cindy just tell me to get “woke”?

  63. Now Cindy correcting people’s grammatical errors is not the correct way to deal with Jeff. Jeff relies on FACTS and SCIENCE and uses 30 year old studies from a Fauci run organization. Laughable.

    As an adult in society, I think you understand grooming young children to be confused about their sexuality is not normal behavior. Jeff is really digging in on his right to groom children. Gender dysphoria is a disease this country and parents with young children don’t need people like Jeff being involved in their lives.

    Jeff probably supports puberty blockers and mutilation of children under the age of consent. Sick,

  64. Joey can’t resist stalking can you. Good job Twinkie.

    Jeff WAKE UP. WOKE UP would be Lil Joey Twinkie putting your Jumbo Tool in his mouth.

    Why are Mchenry County alternative lifestyle people so creepy. Grooming young children is the new normal yet people that don’t agree with their creepy perverted views are delusional, nuts or a jerk.

    Triggered by the truth aren’t you Jeff?

    Trump is landing. Why not make your head explode and watch a true leader.

  65. Ooo, is he going to be in handcuffs? I’ll watch.

    Your Trump god, the Clinton’s and Epstein were all best buddies. Epstein and Trump were known to be at the infamous sex parties together where they trafficked children.

    Trump has a looooong record of sexual abuse allegations including that of a child and raping his ex wife.

    Yet you accuse innocent people of grooming and molesting while you worship him and defend him. Then you call others perverted.

    Why do you deny anything you don’t want to hear or don’t already agree with or make up conspiracies? You righties are weird.

    In contrast, I personally hope EVERYONE involved with Epstein Island goes to prison. No one is above the law. Politicians shouldn’t be worshipped. I won’t defend the Clinton’s for their involvement.

  66. “They are mutilating their own genitals and mutilating their own bodies, but a red baseball cap is a cult.” —

    How many genders are there in the psy op’d mind. I’ll never know because there are only 2. The world is laughing at us due to the stolen election. Goodbye Uprising. Move down to Halsted to sell your cream filled goods to the crowd you worship.

  67. But as you say, the republicans aren’t the violent type.
    they were just on a tour of the Capitol
    He is self destructing, and all he will have left are the likes of you.

  68. Why are you so worried about everyone else’s genitals? weirdo! Let people be who they are. Mind your own business. Stay out of other peoples lives.

    No one cares about your red hat and khaki pants. We don’t care what god you believe in. We don’t even care about your weird obsession with Trump and all your crazy flags. If “trumpster” is your identity, it’s ok. You can be a trumpster.

    Just don’t expect everyone else around you to convert to trumpism or whatever ism you are.

  69. CHILDREN Jeff. I care about them unlike you.

    And Twinkie Porkboy. Keep proving YOUR intelligence. J6 was an FBI coordinated operation that sucked in unsuspecting Patriots. Who declined the national guard troops again? Hint. A drunk San Francisco insider trading witch.

    Why do you keep coming back to LOSE everything boys. I hope that’s the correct pronoun.


  70. Their parents care about them the most, and after listening to understanding their own child, consulting with doctors specializing in gender dysphoria, being evaluated by psychologists and psychiatrists, they will decide the best course of action for THEM. which, by the way, doesn’t include mutilating anyone under-aged. That’s a scare tactic of right wing propagandists that you’ve bought into.

    “So instead of this team of professionals and loving parents helping a child feel a little more comfortable with who they are so they don’t want to kill themselves, we should listen to JT because he has common sense and critical thinking skills borrowed from Fox entertainment network.”

  71. I don’t get news from FOX Jeff. Take your kids cell phone away and home school them or send them to private school.

    I come from a large family where we didn’t have cell phones and internet to pollute young minds. You might want to question where your line of thinking on children being indoctrinated and needing medical care comes from pal.

    You can’t recognize when an agenda is being pushed on YOU and you blame those trying to wake you up.

    What happened back in Nazi Germany to get Hitler in power?

    What year were you born? That will tell me all I need to know.

  72. Remember German citizens after 1933 weren’t allowed firearms for a reason.

    Second Amendment under fire here today for a reason.

  73. Nazis acted more like you than me when it comes to LGBTQ and especially transgender issues, JT. You sound like a boomer/Gen-Xer you should know that history.

    Since you didn’t grow up with ready access to the internet and are afraid of scary things like recognizing people’s gender ID, I feel I should tell you that it’s not safe to give your personal information to strangers on the internet. That’s internet safety basics 101. So asking what year someone was born is inappropriate.

  74. LOFL. Give it up Jeff. You are persistent and uniformed and missed my point. You should submit your resume to Dave Lowitzki Consulting. He’ll love you.

    Cindy was right. Full stop.

  75. I hope JT and Cindy know each other IRL. Hell, I hope they’re married or lovers. That would be so perfect! 💞

  76. Jeff. You’re a guy that doesn’t understand the best way to take down our republic is to infiltrate it from within.

    You have no clue that every nation in the world wants to take us out and useful people who don’t understand that will not be able to complain anymore and end up asking themselves what happened.

    Venezuela needs a new state idiot.

    Cindy this guy is a nutcase. Cal is 80ish and so is Cindy i think. What a creep you are.

    You would be perfect in Dave Lowitzki Consulting. Bring an apple.

  77. Cindy, Jeff won’t be able to handle enjoy the show link. He’s too deep in the psy op like most others here that are not awake.

  78. JT? Nice finds. In this brave new internet, you can’t just find any real things without a link. It has also been my experience that it is futile to discuss anything with people that ask Siri for all their answers.

  79. Jeff seems more like an intelligent Alexa guy Cindy. They’ll never get it until they wake up. Those listening devices are programmed AI which is the next evolution of “free speech” Gpogle. Watch the movie. That’s the start of your red pill journey.

    Enjoy the show. I have been for years. Then report back on what the CAA is and does. Ask Sean Penn. He’ll tell you. LOL.

  80. Jeff, “It’s hard to win an argument against an intelligent person, It’s impossible to win one against a stupid person.” Bill Murray.

    That’s why it’s just more fun to fuck with them.

  81. Go Woke – Go Broke –
    Enjoy retirement –
    plenty of time to play with kids

  82. Conspiracy theories and name calling from the righties, “so surprised “ 🙄

    You’re so predictable.

    Glad you made your thread goal. You realize this blog has the most antiquated platform without algorithms to boost more active content, don’t you? It’s not Facebook or tiktok.

    Even happier that many of you will be phased out soon of the discussion concerning which direction humanity should be going. Can’t wait for the Millennials and Gen-Z to take over and fix this shot show that boomers created.

    You didn’t fight science with science, so no, I haven’t changed my position. YOU an “assumed” straight male, are statistically more likely to be a pedophile than a gay guy, trans person, or a drag queen. (by the way, many drag performers aren’t trans, some aren’t queer either some are just performers practicing their art) The argument conflating sexual orientation, accusations of your imaginary sexual motives, and performance drag are a twisted mess of your own biases, perversions, and assumptions. The 🚩 red flags of a dangerous person to allow around kids are yours, JT.

  83. As I said. Enjoy The Show. Watch the movie. You 2 are in it and prime examples of victims of it.

    Science? LOL. Try brainwashed.

  84. Had to post 1 more. We are at 107 now. Juan O Savin and Q all in the last post LOL. Trigger warning

  85. LOL. Stop triggering the blue pilled outwiththeold. It’s a conspiracy theory.


  86. **Why, you don’t call anybody else out.**

    LOL – Pokorny, what you are you talking about? You don’t pay attention very much. I call people out for their racism all the time on here.

    Do better.

  87. Thanks Correcting. You now know how the psy op has worked from the day you were born. Just trying to help others on the blog get out of their funk of living a blue pilled existence. It’s unbelievably difficult.

    EnjoyTheShow coming in 2024. You now know why the title of Hillary’s book was What Happened.

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