Harvard Police Kill Man Stabbing Woman to Death

From the Harvard Police Department:


On June 3, 2023 at approximately 11:26 p.m., Harvard Officers responded to a residence in the 700
block of Dewey Street regarding a domestic disturbance.

Upon arrival officers observed a male subject over the top of a female armed with a knife.

Commands were given to the male subject to drop the knife, and the subject refused.

An officer discharged their firearm, ultimately striking the subject.

No officers were injured during the confrontation.

Lifesaving measures and paramedics were summoned to the scene.

The male subject was pronounced dead at the scene.

The female subject was transported to Mercy Harvard Hospital by the Harvard Fire Protection District where she was pronounced dead due to injuries sustained in the attack.

McHenry County Major Investigation Assistance Team (MIAT) will be handling the investigation.


Harvard Police Kill Man Stabbing Woman to Death — 10 Comments

  1. Harvard police dept is a well run organization good group of intelligent people

    the problem is bad city management and liberal leaders who only show up when needed at meeting and to collect their paycheck and retirement benefits………..

    another problem is we are now about 80% Hispanic…

    block party’s with bands and loud music …creating tension

  2. We had a good-sized Latino presence in my old neighborhood. My neighbors across the street had a yearly party with a big tent in the side yard. Full kitchen and bar setup, mariachi bands, dance floor…..

    All the neighbors had a standing invitation, and it was a lot of fun. It seems to me that immigrants are more strongly family-oriented in this way.

    My oldest uncle was an immigrant from Poland, and his home in Chicago was family central. He had a double lot with a driveway and a pool with a covered patio and most of the family would be there on weekends. Lots of music.

    My nephew married into a Cuban family. Family parties? Holy crap!

  3. I’m sure glad the police departments are going after drivers without seat belts when this shit is happening in our community.

    Boy, do we have our priorities screwed up.

    Our municipalities are a joke.

  4. **I’m sure glad the police departments are going after drivers without seat belts when this shit is happening in our community.**

    How exactly would the police have stopped this if they weren’t going after drivers without seat belts?

    **block party’s [sic] with bands and loud music …creating tension**

    Oh no! Block parties?! With music?!?! The horror.

  5. CLM must expect a cop at every house to prevent this.

    How else could the police know a murder is in progress.

    You want everyone armed.

    This comes with the territory.

    But some great political insight and logic.

    you’re a genius.

  6. I am sick and tired of my peace and quiet, which I paid and paid for with my tax dollars disrupted by the La Cucaracha all-night parties.

    If I wanted to live in Mexico, I would move there.

    The theft and crime going on at the Harvard Walmart will close it down soon, I predict.

    The property values are so low because the people have elected Mayors without any proven business acumen.

    Now we have drugs, violent crimes, and being overrun by Illegals.

    We have lost 30 years of appreciation.

  7. “Harvard police dept is a well run organization good group of intelligent people”, does not see

    fitting when you take a look at the bodycam that was released.

    The body cam shows one officer stating “don’t move, don’t move get back” while another officer is stating “get of her, get off her”, very contradicting if you ask me!

    Then, the officer with the bodycam states “everybody get your fingers off your triggers”, then proceeds to tase the man.

    Then another officer proceeds to fire shots, about 5.

    Reasoning? because the man moved?

    How are you going to tase someone and hot expect when to twitch or move their body.

    Bill Matteson, I believe our 80% of Hispanic people living in Harvard are one of the main reasons Harvard is known for its hard-working people, and reality check, any race should be allowed to have family parties without being judged.

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