Presidential Debate Party Draws Eight

Our home lost electric power Wednesday night when a tree limb blew across three wires.

A couple of big flashes nearby.

With no electricity, I decided to join Mike Shorten at his Presidential Debate party at a Route 176 ‘s Chingon Tex-Mex BBQ, figuring it would have air conditioning.

I wasn’t taking notes, but I think the question was whether candidates would support Trump, if he were the nominee in this photo:

What was amusing to me was the comment, I think from Chris Christie, that he wouldn’t support a person who didn’t follow the Constitution .

Reading a massive biography of Abraham Lincoln this summer, I was reminded that he suspended the Constitution.

I wonder if Christie would have supported him for re-election.

Only two of the eight 2024 presidential candidates kept their hands down when asked if they would support former President Donald Trump if he is convicted in one or more of his four criminal cases. 


Presidential Debate Party Draws Eight — 8 Comments

  1. In an electrifying debate tonight, 8 Republican candidates competed for a chance to lose to President Biden in a shady landside mail-in vote in the middle of the night.

    “I, Mike Pence, an experienced politician with impeccable integrity, am the best candidate to have the election stolen from me by ballot harvesters during the height of a fake pandemic in 2024,” said Mike Pence. “I will lose with all the dignity and pride of a Republican. That’s what America is all about.”

  2. Cmon Cal. It wasn’t a tree limb that caused your power outage.

    It was all the southern McHenry County liberals and RINO’s running their A/Cs at 68 and charging their electric cars that stressed the system.

    Get with the program.

    Vivek was beating people down left and right.

    Unfortunately, he is linked to George Soros.

    That’s a major negative.

    I can’t wait for Lopez’s fawning over Desanctimonious’ performance.

    The guy is a wet noodle and owned by the Uehleins.

    But Marc will keep being a blind disciple.

  3. I would answer the question “no”.

    Why would I pledge to support someone who isn’t willing to support me or any other Primary winner?

  4. Unfortunately, you are linked to Bobby Q. That’s a major negative.

  5. Trump won the debate before it even started.

    Tucker’s Trump interview was far more insightful and thought provoking.

  6. that Rino CC there is a bridge between americans and his politics… lets not all forget he is not squeaky clean .. and had his own issues …the kettle calling another person a kettle.. how dumb does he think most americans are that we would forget this ?

    Pence looking for nothing more than attrition on his actions. and Asa just another cog in the swamp wheel of DC.

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