A Melissa Bean Constituent Bemoans Her Lack of Accessibility

I found this column concerning 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s refusal to engage in any direct contact with her constituents.

It’s written by Round Lake’s Allison Fry and was published in Associated Content News from Yahoo and is seen below:

Joe Walsh Promises Accessibility but Where is Melissa Bean?

Republican Joe Walsh is challenging incumbent Democratic candidate Melissa Bean in Illinois’s eighth Congressional District but so far there is not much of a battle.

Allyson Fry

Melissa Bean so far has refused to answer her constituent’s questions, isn’t making any public appearances, and when she has appeared in public this month she stuck to her script and refused to answer questions.

She also had a huge ‘thug’ along with her who confronted those who dared ask a question using intimidation tactics to put a stop to any of the public’s attempts to get Bean’s opinion on matters of substance.

A few weeks ago I had a recorded message from Melissa Bean inviting me to the Round Lake Public Library on Thursday, August 12th.

Though I didn’t make it to the event, many of my neighbors attended and they had hoped to hear our Congresswoman’s thoughts on state issues, especially in areas concerning the state’s enormous budget deficit and high unemployment.

Instead, Bean had prepared a presentation on how families should pay down their credit card debt. When anyone dared ask Melissa Bean a question her ‘thug‘, who may or may not have been a library employee, was soon in their face using intimidation tactics which were surprising even by Illinois’ political standards.

Additionally, at the Lake County Fair earlier this month the only sign of Melissa Bean was her name was on a sign next to an empty table and we can find no evidence of any upcoming public speaking events on Melissa Bean’s website or anywhere else.

I find it ironic that someone who has voted in favor of government spending at levels unsurpassed in all of human history would hold a town meeting and not only refuse to answer questions regarding her voting record, but would lecture the public about their personal credit card debt.

Fortunately, much of the evening was captured on video by a neighbor who managed to record several examples of Bean’s thug as he intimidated audience members who dared attempt to ask a question that was not in Melissa Bean’s script.

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Allison Fry shares this about her background:

I’m a Social Worker and homemaker and spend my free time exploring my adopted home city of Chicago. I love to entertain and create meals for others to enjoy and I love discovering excellent food and visiting and learning about new places. I have many hobbies including cooking, photography, music, politics, genealogy, sewing and collecting china. I also love to travel and will always have a special place in my heart for my hometown of Cincinnati Ohio.

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