Joe Walsh to Greet Commuters in Crystal Lake and Barrington

Presumably there will not be snow Monday morning.

I don’t begin to know how 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Joe Walsh can greet commuters at both the Crystal Lake and Barrington train stations, but that’s what his latest email say he and his wife Helene are going to do.

He invites supporters to join him at the stations and at the Cook Street Coffee Shop located at 100 E. Station Street in downtown Barrington from 8-10 to “Have a Cup of Joe with Joe.”

Phone banking at campaign headquarters, located at 218 Barron Blvd. (Rt. 83) in Grayslake.  Walsh asks people to come for the last minute get out the vote effort.


Joe Walsh to Greet Commuters in Crystal Lake and Barrington — 1 Comment

  1. Quote “Helene and I will be at the Barrington and Crystal Lake train stations. After that we will host a “Have a Cup of Joe with Joe”

    Probably Joe at one location and Helene at the other. These train meets usually start around 5:00 AM so Joe & Helene will undoubtedly join each other at the coffee house starting at 8:00 and try to warm up.

    At least that is how I would interpret it.

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